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Stepping Up to the Plate

August 10, 2010

New Moon in Leo 11:09 pm  EDT

It’s a Leo New Moon. Time to set new intentions around what you want to create in the world. The Leo energy is about fun, romance, giving love, personal heart connections, being center stage, leadership, and stamina; and allows us to examine where we have too much pride, grandiosity and are being overly dramatic. If you want to maximize this energy, take a moment and write a few intentions along these lines. This will bring you into flow for the next two weeks. Pull them out of the full moon on the 24th to see how you are doing and use that energy to let go of what is not working.

The cardinal grand square back in June sounded a call to action. It was the first of many calls this summer to step out of victim-hood and feeling sorry for ourselves, into choice and grounded steady actions. A lot of us have been feeling the effects of what is going on around us and know a radical shift is needed. This month continues this theme, with some new nuances. The energies are in place to support creative collaboration with the universe. It’s about time!! Like so many of our religious traditions tell us, we are made in the likeness of God, we are part of divine energy that exists in all beings. It’s time for us to connect with our godlike attributes and humbly act from that place as spiritual beings.

What is your purpose? What vision do you hold for yourself amid a sea of change? What is your creative potential, and how will you use it? These questions are still on our minds, and this lunation allows us to open up further to what is getting in the way of our true potential. As the seeds of this are sown amidst a backdrop of continued uncertainty, the first task is to master our fears. We are beginning to see that the ultimate potential lies next to ultimate destruction. And the only way to tolerate this is to walk through fear, stand with it and pick up the good things that lie there. We actually do get to choose our path, but being in fear does not allow us the clarity to see what is really there. Tolerating our feelings and using meditation and other stillness practices will be of great value to us.

At the moment, the way out of our human mess is lying in the collective unconscious. As it is being dreamed into being, we feel a little overwhelmed and sort of want to give up the boat. Here is where we are being tested. This lunation helps us to take a step back and observe our fears, observe what we want to create with passion and a new found leadership and then determine how to act from balance and grace. We get to bring our full selves into the picture, as it is no longer feasible to be in a male dominated world. The feminine side of our natures just walks on in confidently and assuredly this month. We are being shown how we will go the distance, with intuition and love leading the way, and humble strength in action backing it up. The female energy will not let all of those years of exploring the male go to waste (male domination), but wants to inject it with the calm loving experience of compassion and beauty that was missing to bring balance. When we integrate these two energies, we will have the perseverance to stay the course.

So what do we really think about the state of the world? The state of our lives? Where do we want to engage in the work of rebuilding? We are being challenged to find out what brings us healing in our world, maybe through our own experiences of healing ourselves at this time. There is a seed of spiritual awakening in this…self-healing through connection to a force greater than ourselves. The spirit world, which we have so successfully called down into our lives, is walking right beside us just waiting to be asked to help us. Never before has this been so accessible, not in our lifetimes anyway! It is an amazing time to be alive, to see what humans were built to do, and what our real function in the world is all about. So, encountering our fears and allowing ourselves to meditate, or keep still is a way to replenish our energies and heal our psyches.  And sleep is another really good thing too that is more available; some of us have had a hard time with this! You will find that you will have deeper, although maybe still short stretches, of more restful sleep. Yea!

I liken this time to the feeling of molding clay on a pottery wheel. The clay feels slimy and it’s hard to hold onto. It’s easy to loose the center and we have to keep pumping the wheel to keep it all in motion. Yet the vision of the pot remains in our minds, the use of the end result calls us to stay with it. As we navigate the uncertainty of creation to hold on and keep our hands steady, the creation emerges and before we know it, we have something new. And then we have to cut it off, paint it, and fire it, all along believing that the paint is right, the pot won’t break from the heat and we will have a thing of beauty when it is finished. And if not, we will learn from our mistake and do it all again. That’s what we are in folks and it is going to be a process. I think we are still in the “slimy/hold on to it” stage, but we are at least in it. Which is good. It has begun! And we will all be better for it.

Happy trails, have fun and enjoy each other this month!!

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