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Full Moon…Breathe, Recharge, and Get Ready for Change

August 26, 2010

So sorry this was late, I was pretty sick with bronchitis and just couldn’t manage getting this up till today. Enjoy anyway!!

Photographer M. Raşid Tuğral of Ankara, Turkey

Full Moon in Pisces, August 24, 2010

This full moon in Pisces is called the Sturgeon Moon by the Great Lakes Native American tribes, because the water was full of fish at this time of year. I like this idea because it reminds us that despite our predicaments, there is always enough. There is so much abundance around us, take it in an let it resonate with you. Finding a place of gratitude, compassion, and inner focus, will let what has been hidden inside us see the light of day. As we allow these revelations about our nature surface, pay attention to how they resonate in our bodies and in our attitude. These nuggets are key to our transformation, write them down, talk about them to someone you trust and let them percolate. We will be shown in the coming months how to use them.

There is a lot of intensity around us as we walk into this lunation. The vibration asks us to dance on our limitations and find uplifting ways to reveal the lighter side of the evolution that has been shaping our experience. This is a breath of fresh air, as the going is tough right now and a lot of you are worn out by the energy, or by sickness, or by just too much effort. I want to encourage you to keep going. This is the eye of the needle, we are in it and still feeling squeezed. I can guarantee that when things begin to ease up, you will begin to feel lighter than you have in years. The squeeze is helping us drop all but what is essential in our lives. As you continue to follow that thread, let your resistance to change just melt. It’s in these moments true happiness get revealed to us. Practice letting go of anything that does not serve you, or allow you to shine, especially in your business and work.

Again, a cardinal T-Square is placing emphasis on financial matters both personal and global. T-Squares want resolution, and this month that resolution is directed to Real Estate and the fallout of affairs that began in May/June. I suspect that we have not seen the full extent what has become undone by the oil spill in the South. As small banks have been going under due to lower real estate values and lack of income in the south, it makes the case for large scale financial shuffling in the coming weeks. I do not see this as bad at all, rather part of a bigger picture of change for the good.

Lets look at how we can work with this personally. As we take the lid off financial matters, it’s easier to examine, in a deep way, our relationship to financial structure. The moon trines this empty space, so how do we unconsciously operate around money? What are our impulses to expand and contract financially? What is our money philosophy? What personal deficits drive our need for money? Are we replacing love with money, do we feel a deep need to prove ourselves, do we measure success by how much we earn, is our self worth measured by our salaries? What structures do we want in place in our careers that could improve how we satisfy these urges? How can we support ourselves to change? How are these urges played out with people who we think owe us, or who have given us money in the past (parents, spouses, relatives, money markets, the government), or who we owe money to (taxes, debts, credit, loans, etc).

As we find that our old bag of tricks are not working the way they used to, more and more people are looking for spiritual solutions to their problems. This opens the door to lots of new inspiration. It’s now up to us to find the balance between intuition and action and despite our impulse to run away, move closer to our dreams. This is the hard laborious work of sticking with it. It is uncomfortable, but worth doing. Dreams are for everyone, as we are learning to dream change into existence with clarity and beauty.  Keep working with what ever is working for you spiritually, for the veils are thin between the worlds. Our connection to spirit is vital if we want to make the leap that is before us. We still get to choose what path to take and we must hold it deeply in our hearts and persist. The longer we hold it, the better we will feel.

Interesting seeds of unrest are being sown at this time. Native American prophecies talk about a time when the White Man will rise up against it’s own government. Looks like we are headed towards that time. I might be wrong, but I don’t think this is literally a fight. I think it is something different…a mass mindset change that happens when all illusions are revealed and people stop waiting for someone to come save them. People start taking care of themselves and politically things change. Many are looking at how to harmonize and balance the female and male energies, action and intuition in a community effort to make change where they have choice. This is more about bringing balance than about unhinging society, but definitely about unrest. Public education is in a huge mess, towns are struggling to keep afloat. People have a lot more on their minds than they did even 2 years ago. In this Mercury retrograde period till med September, people are going to be thinking about what is not working, and putting themselves right with their world.

All in all, tension is driving change still, so keep your hats on and let yourself ride on this contemplative energy for the next two weeks till the New Moon in Virgo on September 8th.

Lunation Meditation
Try this. Take a moment to sit still and just breathe. Fill yourself with light, and imagine yourself glowing with luminescence. Feel it radiate out from you. From that point, focus on all the good things that have come out of your experience so far. Let gratitude flow out of you as a pink light. As you focus on that, send feelings of love and compassion as pink light to the next leg of the journey you are about to take. Imagine your energy as light, welcoming you as you emerge into a new sphere of growth. Allow yourself to float on this feeling, let it support you. Allow it to take shape as geometric form around you. Let these forms play and shift as they will. Let them dance around you. See yourself dancing with them. Let their vibration echo through you. Feel the love and harmony in this.

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