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Regaining a Sense of Balance and Strength

September 16, 2010

This is a late post about the new moon that was on September 8th. Look for my Fall Equinox Report on Sept 21st and the Full Moon Report on September 23rd.

A Virgo new moon is a time to set your intentions. What do you need to put in order? What in your life could be more efficient? How would you like to be working with your body to create new rhythms of health? What work projects do you want to get off the ground? How do you want to improve your critical thinking? What do you want to heal in your self and body? What routines do you want to establish? Work with these ideas to craft 1 to 10 statements that start with “I want to easily find myself…..” and you are off to a good start. The practice of using these energies to infuse your life with intention and action really has helped me move forward, especially now that the energies around us are so persistent and intense.

This month we are encountering contradictory energies, those of working toward manifesting our dreams, and those that push us down, holding us still enough to heal and regenerate. This opposition is intense, and negative emotions will be pulled to the surface. It is hard work to hold these two feelings, but creates a great training ground for strength of mind and purpose. Maintaining balance amid energies that are a confusing ride, with lots of expansion and contraction, sudden reversals and change, opens deep feelings and difficult spaces that we might not have been able to get to before now. Visioning forward and healing the past, puts us squarely in the present, and allows us to set the stage for a future we cannot yet imagine, a future of compassion, community and peace for those who chose it.

As we take our dreams and aspirations seriously, the practical ways to get them accomplished and out the door will come easily. It’s time to set up structures that will serve your business and life better. This month the new moon and full moon are strikingly similar, but with a lot of movement into a better place, so use the energies to help you get adjusted to a better way of doing things. Take charge of your life, in small and significant ways. What simple action can you take that would improve your situation? One step at a time, you can muster the energy to bring change to your world, even if it feels lack luster. Really focus now on using this energy to set your world in order for the next push.

We are continuing to be pushed to clear out the clutter from our lives, let go of what blocks us and gracefully move forward, even if we are kicking and screaming all the way!! By now we are finding that we have let go of a lot of expectations, but also we have let go of some things that we might want to re-instill, like structures that work better. The clarity we gain from letting ourselves radically restructure our lives allows for new energies to take hold and old wounds to be healed.

I have to speak here about deep inner wounds. There are many ways we have been striving to keep ourselves safe from things that we don’t know how to heal. Things that seem too overwhelming to look at. These things are primal, sometimes preverbal and some would say from a time when the collective unconscious took a big hit through a world-wide catastrophe. For the next 4 weeks, we will be invited to take out this pain and examine it. I know this doesn’t sound too fun, but it’s better to be proactive with our pain and work with it, than be ambushed and rent asunder by unacknowledged feelings.

Stick to what you know about your nature. Let the hidden surface and have patience with yourself as you see how you interact with your shadow self. Write down what you uncover and let that be part of the process of your evolution. The planets energies are gentle with those who don’t supress and push the little nasties down in the mud. Hey, let it all out and see what parts might actually be useful to you. I find that anger, when channeled correctly is extremely helpful. I also find that when I come up on a character attribute that I find annoying, like gossip, when channeled differently, helps me speak my mind. You get the picture. There is an upside to almost anything. Let them surface and you never know what you will find!!

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