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Fall Equinox September 22, 2010 11:09 pm EDT

September 20, 2010

It’s Fall Equinox, time to review our Spring Equinox intentions and see how we are doing with them. It’s been an intense summer of being faced with change on a deep level. Now we have an opportunity to start feeling the vibration of the what’s newly emerging and say goodbye once and for all to things we are letting go of. Emotional, physical and spiritual healing are the emphasis, and looking at how we can cement the vibration of creative change into our worlds at the local level are the next steps that will set things in gear.

So first take a look at your intentions from the spring. What came to pass and is in motion, and what didn’t move forward at all. Take a realistic look and just allow anything that didn’t move forward to gently go. Maybe your priorities changed, or you found out these things were not important to you. Note the things that did happen, for that is where you will seed the growth of the efforts you have made. Really assess any accomplishments as good things and congratulate yourself for that.

It’s very uncomfortable to be on the precipice of change…it makes us all uneasy and fearful. The good news is that all of us have held the changes and continue to do so, despite our fears. This is an amazing thing and we need to recognize our part in that cauldron. It’s not done cooking, but we have the pot out and are allowing the heat to work on things. I think it’s now our job to continue to keep the fires lit and see what emerges out of the new recipe we are trying. We might have to cook it again, but we will find out what works in relation to the energies around us.

At this moment, we are feeling a bit of relief from the cardinal grand square energies that we felt all summer. As the moon and sun move into those positions by the Full Moon in a few days, we will again be identifying what needs to be healed in us to move on, and challenged to give ourselves new structures to build upon. Simultaneously, we will be letting go of structures that don’t work. For example, letting go of the Union because there are 4000 people out of work on big projects, and starting your own business doing smaller, more local jobs, like my husband is doing. Or deciding that the military is not really able to give you what you need and want and walking away from it pension and all.  Recognizing that insurance programs are not really taking care of you, and creating your own healing networks. All of this letting go is going to be emotional and volatile, so prepare yourself for unexpected outbursts.

Creativity has been slowly building alongside the fear and uncertainty, a paradox that many have felt. So many ideas and contradictory energies that made it almost impossible to manifest anything new. I think this is because we have been holding the potential and letting it get stronger as we identify the new structures that will carry our ideas. The old won’t work, and we don’t have quite a bead on the future just yet, although, we are very close. So don’t give up, just let the new gather energy. As the I Ching says about obstacles – a stone in the river is only an obstacle until the water rises to flow gently over it. So too with our own creativity, let it just gather energy till the obstacles are no longer blocking it, and it can manifest unencumbered. Let this lag time be a time of polishing and refining our ideas so that they are in line with us when they emerge.

Again, I want to emphasize the practice of gratitude. Feeling appreciation and gratitude for the earth every day, as well as for our own union with our higher self, which is our connection to god/spirit/nature is the mindset and vibration that will help us be the midwives of change. It is crucial to rest in gratitude and practice it daily, while holding the vibration of the change we seek to manifest. This combination is needed to set the energy in a way that we just jump over to the right energy vibrations that will help us. We just need to plug into the available energy. Take a look at the latest Hathor messages on Tom Kenyon’s site – for more on this idea. I highly recommend them.

We are all pretty depleted from the hard work, worry and change we have participated in over the past six months.  It’s important to take the time to nurture ourselves and heal with bodywork, energy work, meditation, better diet, and asking for the help of spirit to revive us and give us stamina to move ahead. We will need that energy to sustain us through being in new structures in the coming months. As we heal or bodies, we can face the details of our lives better. We still have a chance to make financial changes till March of 2011, to face the storm ahead, so make use of that energy.

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