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New Moon in Libra Oct. 7, 2010 at 2:45 pm EDT

October 7, 2010

Good things are in store for us this month. About time, right? The urge is to find harmony and balance, despite the economic pressure we are navigating. It’s time to regroup and gather our energy forward. The moon is unaspected, which allows us to take a powerful look at ourselves. Every planet is paired up with another to reinforce the duality of relationship in ways that are uncomfortable and new. Inner harmony and calm are juxtaposed to tension of setting up new structures, and sticking your neck out in new innovative ways.

At this New Moon we seed the ideas that surfaced around the Fall Equinox last month. Creativity is simmering inside us, grassroots level communities are gently forming, we are identifying what works and what doesn’t in terms of structure, and we are challenged to find new ways of connecting with other people to get things done. New Moons are manifesting engines, so setting intentions for the energy of Libra will bring about some of this change that is ripening. I feel the window is short, so take advantage of the good movement you can create before other things get stirred up. Any traction at this time is a gift.

At the Fall Equinox last month, I reminded everyone to check in with their Spring Equinox intentions to see where they were and revise if needed. How can you use the energy of Libra to infuse these intentions with harmony, good will and beauty? What do you need to bring your life in balance? To draw you into alignment with your soul purpose? The energy of Libra rules marriage, negotiation, networking, harmony, teamwork, sociability, refinement, and healing codependency. Create between 2 and 10 intentions to make the most of this energy.

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