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From Hope into Action, Taking Heart in the New Year

January 1, 2011

Every year I do a tarot spread in New Years Day to see what is ahead for all of us. This years reading is wonderful, to the point and concentrated on recovery, strength and hope, which feels great to me! I will be interested to see how this takes shape.

According to numerology and the Tarot, 2011 is 22/4 year, an Emperor/Fool year. This is a very powerful energy that is a balance between trust and action, childlike innocence and mature stern responsibility. Think of the creativity of Walt Disney which took shape as a major force in our childhood as this kind of manifest energy. We will be in harmony when we are in touch with divine will and act from that place. It also tells us of the importance of entrepreneurs in the recovery of our financial lives, the personal industry combined with inner guidance that we must act in harmony with to restore ourselves.

As we enter 2011 we are jubilant for having made it through the devastating, but necessary energies of last year and have the choice of facing and fully embracing the transformations that occurred because of that energy. As we do so, we all touch on individual leadership energy that may have been dormant for years, but now is unleashed and reborn as a second chance. We all are being giving an opportunity to start over, if we take the lessons learned from the past and let them inform our new year.

We all have felt burdened, holding onto too much, yet our willingness to embrace personal responsibility for what we dealt with last year allows for new opportunities to emerge. We carry them in our hands, and it’s just a mater of finding fertile soil to put them down in. And recognizing what in the past year has made us strong and more equipped to handle life.

We are moving from an inner knowing, each of us has had many ah-ha moments where we felt the universe piecing together and we received glimmers of what our souls have needed. We step from that, being transformed by our experiences into a moment of celebration – yes, we made it!! We have much to be grateful for and we deserve to take a moment to recognize the incredible ways we all have contributed to the greater good. Our suffering was part of a greater whole and  as we celebrate, we can think about offering our suffering for those who still are suffering and in the dark.

Looking forward, we get to choose what abundance means to us and reshape our economy through individual and community actions that we vision together. Make intentions for this year, not only for yourself, but for a better world. Put yourself out there and find a way that you can contribute to a brighter future for humanity.

Despite all that has gone on, we still see ourselves as containing possibility, as bright shining orbs of light that shines goodness on all around us. The never flagging human spirit, our divine selves can’t be put out. Let’s breathe in that light and fill ourselves with it, as we gather strength to make a better world.

Around us, we have the ability to rebuild our financial pictures and create stable platforms for security and stability. This will be the focus of those around us and it encourages us to respect our resources and our gifts and take heart is what we already know and build on it.

Our fears and hopes are spiritually grounded, as our concepts of God and spiritual flow have been changed by the events of the past year. Why did bad things happen to us? Why did I have to go through such suffering? Has God forsaken us? As we look into our evolving relationship with spirit/God/nature, we can ask questions like: What is God to me? How do I see God in my life? How does my concept of Spirit differ from what the experiences of last year have shown me? Am I able to listen to a Higher Power? Is Divine love conditional? What does it mean to be in partner ship with the divine and how can I put aside my will and humbly listen to direction?

In the end, we all have new choices to make. As we take responsibility for our part in things, we move out into the world as conscious creators, reshaping our realities with an inner peace and resolve. It’s our mental state that manifests reality, a mental state buoyed by meditation, grounding and contact with the divine that we meld our wills with, to be creator gods, in the most humble sense.

As we recognize that we must not just leave it up to leaders to make right (political, spiritual, or otherwise), we see that we have not handled leadership well and need to learn from that and step up to taking part in community decisions. Having a sense of humor and seeing the quirkiness and caprice of life, we will be led not by outer forces, but by an inner guidance that we take our cues from. In this way we can handle anything that is thrown at us as we steer towards safer waters in the year to come.

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