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A Guide to Navigating Eclipses

January 4, 2011

Dennis Put's picture from Maasvlakte, The Netherlands

Full moon in Capricorn, Solar Eclipse this morning at 4:03 AM EST.

Since we are again experiencing a cardinal set of eclipses – (well, almost…the lunar eclipse was at 29 Gemini, but it was close enough), I thought it was a good time to remind everyone about eclipses and their effects. Just so you can relax. It’s intense energy, but there are some benefits, so try to ride the energy and also see how the power of these lunar/solar events can open up new areas in your life. Why push against such energy? Might as let it do the work for you!!

Eclipses are emotionally taxing times, and you can expect the unexpected as well as fated events, so be prepared to be flexible. Eclipses can either clear huge obstacles or they manifest potential challenges and things can happen in a heartbeat. If you’re confronted with an unexpected situation or event, slow down and take in what is going on before you do anything. This is not a time for impulsiveness. Consider the saying, “Don’t just do something, sit there!” as good advise. Remain calm and know that the big picture will be revealed in a few days, so don’t panic or try to fix things. Best to take it easy and relax, and have a good sense of humor.

Here is general info about Eclipses so that you’ll recognize the ways they can show up, and how you can work with the energy and harness it to help you.

• The energy lasts for about six weeks – you feel it two weeks before the 1st Eclipse (this Lunar Eclipse was in December at the Solstice) and two weeks between the Eclipses, and then two weeks after the last Eclipse (in this case the Solar that we are immersed in now).

• In your chart, you’ll feel the anxiety and experience the Eclipse effects most intensely in the houses that are ruled by Capricorn (for this Solar Eclipse), and Gemini, or anything in your chart at 29 or 13 degrees.

• Eclipses have a “Uranian” quality – expect sudden changes, unpredictable events, moments of fate and fated events.

• An Eclipse is like – POW! – a jolt, it makes things happen.

• Eclipses indicate “unnatural acts” (take a look at the news) – and you may feel un-natural around an Eclipse.

• Things may seem blown out of proportion during an Eclipse.

• The story that opened up during the last set of eclipses is in effect until the next one (the last set was after the Spring equinox, and Grand Cardinal Square on June 10, 2010 and July 11 2010 – what vision emerged for you then and how have you developed that in the past five months?)

• Themes and issues will be revisited – what did you not deal with in your life for the last five months?  Time to look at it!

• Eclipses can bring important contacts/people into your life – or take them out of your life

• Eclipses can “clean things out” – great time to do house clearings.

• Solar eclipses are about beginnings (New Moons)

• Lunar eclipses are about endings or the culmination of things (Full Moons)

• People may overreact, be overly emotional, tense, and are often controlling due to feelings of powerlessness

• On the day of an eclipse you are “in the dark,” so relax into “easy does it” mode as much as possible

So, slow down, breathe, and be extra mindful, stay as flexible as possible, and let go of trying to be in control. It’s a good time to practice being in the flow and listening to what is unfolding around you with patience and stability.

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