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January 4th New Moon in Capricorn, 4:03 am EST

January 4, 2011

Like Broom Lynne from the UK's photo of the eclipse this morning

Finally after a bit if a break, I am back at it…my New Moon report is ready for my subscribers. Phew, now that I am back in the swing of things, I am feeling this energy like all of us!! For those of you who haven’t yet subscribed to my reports, here is a taste of what is to come in the new year…

Revved up energy • Taking action  • Practical solutions  • Letting ourselves be transformed
Hard work • Community dreaming • Allowing soul purpose to direct you • Feminine principals

This Solar Eclipse/New Moon packs a mighty wallop! It is full of energy, potential, and compels us to take the goat by the horns, so to speak! It says, get out there and get going. And yet, with so much change coming at us from the Solstice, we need to take some time to bring it all together and process the things running through our heads. So before running out the door, direct some of the energy available to you now towards integration. We need to first ground ourselves and attempt to create solid platforms, so that change can come roaring through. Looking at what is right in from of us, practicality is what will prepare us for the long haul of change, in which the reality will settle over the next few years.

Get ready to shape your new year by using the tool of intention setting on the New Moon. It is wonderful way to harness the Moons energy towards taking actions in your life. Pick 2 to 10 wishes for your month by starting with I want to find myself…(start saving for retirement), or I see myself easily…(having the discipline to meditate every day). Set your intentions for the Capricorn New Moon using some of these ideas informed by the great goats magnificent energy:

• Making sensible decisions
• Maturity
• Self discipline
• Keeping commitments
• Competency
• Retirement
• Recognition
• Achieving Goals
• Ambition
• Using opportunities
• Delegating
• Being in Charge
• Respect
• Bosses. Authority figures
• Tradition
• Releasing controlling behaviors

Have fun and if you want to subscribe to get the full report (stocked full of other goodies) every month sent to your email box, plus the full moon report as well, click here to sign up via Paypal. Until the Full moon on January 19th – be well!!

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  1. January 6, 2011 2:09 am

    This is so helpful—love your insight, intuition and wisdom. It is full of guidance and thanks for putting the date on the calendar. Have already started setting my intentions for the new year and very much appreciate your postings.


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