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What We Learned from the Fish

January 13, 2011

A lot of Pisces have been asking me, “With Jupiter going into Aries later this month, did I miss something?” I think a lot of Pisces have been feeling robbed. The truth is that the passage of Jupiter through our sign (yes, I am a Pisces too), was a whopping disappointment, if you look at it as a manifestation engine. It started out all right, and had a lot of promise, as we were in the middle of a depression. But things got rather complicated and instead it revealed other purposes. Read – train wreck. For a lot of us, we were put through the wringers of our lives. Tossed and turned, mashed and spit out, all in all, it was a tough year for Pisces.

This is how it’s supposed to go, When Jupiter transits any sign, you expect expansion, good fortune, opportunity and well, just good. Sometimes it just feels so good that we don’t DO anything. We just enjoy it.

I think what happened to Pisces was a terrific gift. Instead of a comfy ride, we got pushed to our limits, pushed right in front of our fears and our feet got put in the fire. Not where we really want to go. In the process, our denials got brought up, magical thinking got confronted and we were pushed into places where we had no knowledge. We had to grab our intuition, dig deep and keep digging deep until we mastered letting go and trusting other forces. What a nightmare! What a blessing!

Why do you think this happened? Here is my astrological perspective. First of all Pisces are reluctant leaders. Inspired, but reluctant. So there was Jupiter swimming through Pisces, happy as a clam, but then the big picture started. Uh oh, gotta dance with Uranus, Mr. Unpredictable, Explosive, Innovative, Internet planet. So we had huge floods, volcanic eruptions, social networking (Mark Zuckerberg – Man of the Year), lots of innovation, huge exposure of hidden agenda’s in religion, in the macrocosm, and job loss, back and forth with unemployment benefits, careers disappearing, middle class disappearing, loss of money (flow) on the microcosmic/personal level. In June with the Cardinal grand square Jupiter tiptoed out of Pisces for a look at what is going to be tipped over next and what choices we will face, and then back into the Pisces torture chamber for a little while longer!! Still not free of Saturn – stern task master and teacher of structure, and the one who tears down what needs restructuring, and Pluto, the uncoverer of all of our masks, and hidden psyche. Wham, torn to a humbling naked soul essence. Yikes, no place to hide!

In the process, shy little Pisces were asked to confront things they never thought they’d have to, look at finances in a way they never had, and to find ways for their families to stay afloat. And they did it with aplomb. This is what Pisces learned: how to navigate difficult circumstances, stand up for themselves, speak out, take a stand, re-learn almost everything, be really flexible, radioactively let go of what is not working (people included), and lead from the inside out. And love everyone in the process, love them without gile. Expand the compassionate heart. Pisces learned that the intuitive side of themselves can be really useful, and that it will be the guiding force into the next phase of humanity. Pisces were given a task, learn how to go inside and listen to real guidance, or go down with the ship. And we did it. Now, hard part, we are being asked to do what’s next – show others what we have learned. Again, not an easy task for most Pisces, but one we are being put right in front of. Being leaders and stepping out. And a lot of us will be starting fresh when Jupiter goes into Aries on January 19th…sometime after the full moon at 4:22 pm EST. Which is a very interesting full moon.

So all you Pisces darlings, and those of you with planets in Pisces as well, and well most of us anyway…stay tuned for an interesting new chapter as it unfolds and we take it by the horns. This is a fantastic Full Moon to move into action and do some ritual to help you. To set your intentions. Celebrate the fullness. More of that later!

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