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Standing on the Precipice Without Falling In

May 3, 2011

Although this could not be seen from the Earth, this is how the eclipse looked from space. Courtesy NASA

New Moon in Taurus, 2:51 AM EDT, May 3 2011

Contentment, Sensual pleasure, Patience, Appreciation, Gratitude, Relationship with Nature, Persistence, Steadfastness, Setting Boundaries, Stubbornness, Voice

Ah, the new moon in Taurus, when we are called to enjoy the beauty of the spring environment, and it’s ability to ground all of the potent innovative energies inspired by the past month’s Aries fieriness. Time to plant your ideas firmly in the ground and let the natural progression of nature move them forward. So like an Aries cycle, the past month has been full of new personal directions for change and growth, and incredible world events (Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, as well as revolt in the middle east and Africa). This vibration between personal change and world events will continue through the year, and if one begins to see the relationship between internal and external events, we see that we are all part of what is unfolding during this time here.

Here is my big news: the world is not going to end, and we are not ascending to anywhere. Sorry to disappoint you all folks! This big myth of religion – apocalypse, is being exposed and people are beginning to question what they have been taught about, well, God. Yes, God and religion. And this will have a big effect on the religious beliefs driving the world to war. So, instead of looking at rising above the mess around us, and floating up to some heavenly cloud, we had better start thinking about how to make the changes in ourselves that will make heaven here ON earth for all of us.

A lot of us have been doing just that personally, with less money, less resources, downsizing, making career shifts, hustling and bustling when it feels really awful, and believing in the power of positive thought and prayer. A big spiritual turn around to practice acting “as if” when our worlds feel like they are falling apart. But not so Batman. Harnessing the power of our thoughts, and cultivating a positive mindset, as well as a healthy dose of gratitude and humility are game changers. With all the amazing energy to draw on right now, centering ourselves in the present, with all of our feelings and uneasiness buzzing around us like flies, we are changing the world. And this month is an important one for the main focus of this year, creating ecological harmony.

I speak to this point because I feel that the blinders that religion has put upon us have driven us into a shell-shocked automaton kind of state, with many of us waiting to be saved. This is echoed by the way we wait for the government to save us, how even President Obama is responding to saving the economy, and the way we look to solve problems. We are all pretty pissed because we are not being saved. It is just getting worse. Once we thoroughly understand how we carry the God complex within us, and cast it out, then we can inhabit the relationship between oneness with all beings, self responsibility, and creating a new world. This is the real ascension, in my view. There is no need to be a victim if one realizes that we create our own reality, and that the consciousness we all want to connect to is already with in us, a huge creative force that when unified through action can create massive change. Just look at Egypt.

I know you all will draw your own conclusions, based on what you are experiencing in your own lives. But I do ask you to consider this: how do you want to be led through this human shift, by the puppet masters and by your own consciousness? If you want the later, then spend some more time meditating, studying and experiencing the other dimensions of consciousness. This is the new power open and available to you. Use it.

So lets get down to how this looks astrologically. The Ascendant is Aquarius, so a humanistic view is called for. It’s about all of us existing together. Neptune and Chiron’s entry into Pisces has been a wonderful respite for those of us who like to dream, and before we create a new reality, we do need to dream it, so we have a chance to plant otherworldly seeds until Neptune retrogrades out of Pisces August 4th, just after the July 30th Blue Moon. Chiron is right next to Neptune, sort of leading the way, so the dreaming seems to be healing in nature and allowing the deep wounds that have been festering in us to actually transform. This is real gift of the spirit that we have access to.

Saturn is the focus of a yod that is formed with the New Moon and the asteroid Ceres, with the focus midpoint of Mercury/Venus. Now I wouldn’t ordinarily use an asteroid in a yod, but because of what we are all going through around having enough (Ceres is abundance of grain/food and fertility) and our consciousness of abundance, I am going to talk about it.

Saturn is leading us back into balance, into creating a just and sustainable planet. Saturn is at 11 degrees, which corresponds to the Justice card in the Tarot. So setting things right through new contracts, laws and legislation is possible. Write about your ideas. Talk to your local and state representatives. It is through the relationships you establish now, that long-term abundance and change can happen. This is where we have the power. Remembering that our abundance comes from the earth itself, we are asked to open our hearts and our minds to include all living beings, plant, animal and human, as well as the living earth itself. What is our relationship to earth? To humanity? What do we feel responsible for, really? What is for others to clean up? Taking responsibility connects us with the beauty of creation. And in that place we are also connected to creating in our own lives. This is very important right now. It is who we are. We chose to be here and transform the earth. She is in our care.

This fatherly yod, in Saturnic energy is squared by Pluto, so the father/God idea is really being challenged here. Exploiting the planet and treating it as a thing to be subjugated is not going to work, because the earth itself will not allow that kind of thing for too long. As the earth wakes up and we remember in our genes that she is a living being, just like us, we will have to readjust how we act, in every way. No more Nuclear power plants near active tectonic plates. Listen to the people who have gone before us who warn about flood levels and tsunami reach. There is a reason that the ancient cultures developed a deep reverence for the earth. It related to them, and its wisdom guided them. We can access that wisdom now through shamanic journey, meditating, vibrating at different states of consciousness and traveling to other realms in dreams and visualization. The earth is releasing huge amounts of transformative energy with each earth rumble. Harness that power to make change, decide what you want, and hold it with gratitude and humility till it comes true. Use it to make a better world. We all get to decide together.

A few last notes, with Juno, who wants commitment and hates infidelity, quincunx Venus who is in an abundant and grounded state of mind, it is women and mothers who will begin to demand change in the world. The midwives of this birth of nature, we will call to task the leaders and fathers, and priests and hierarchies, corporations and abusers of any sort and simply say no. No more financial rape. No more get out of jail for free card. Instead we stand up and say no, you are wrong, and we will move ahead together to create what is new. With Mars and Jupiter in a tight dance, opportunity and action, and self-control, will keep us in the game. We just need to practice expressing our point of view persistently. Why not, what have we to lose at this point?

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  1. Shannon permalink
    May 6, 2011 4:17 am

    Thanks very helpful & heartening to be reminded that energy of change globally can inspire & aid individual growth so responsibly reflect on the direction you want face & move to. Thanks


  2. September 20, 2022 5:00 am

    Thanks for postinng this


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