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Straight into Change, Without a Straight Jacket

June 1, 2011

The Midnight Sun as seen from Sweeden in 2000 taken by Oddliev Skilbrei

New Moon in Gemini, 5:03 pm United States EST, 7:03 am Australian EST

Saying What You Really Mean, Holding a Positive Mindset, Flexible Ideas, Transformative Conversations, Traveling to New Horizons, Travels in Consciousness.

This is what we have been in the trenches getting ready for…this summer is the time to jump into a better future for ourselves and our planet. Based in surrender and choice, this step by step transformation into our dreams…literally begins with believing in magic. Magic is the focus of will into words and action to create an intention, harmonizing with the natural world, and surrendering our desire to higher forces. This Alchemy of ego opens the door to creative potential and the birth of new things. We just have to get out of the way and let it happen. This is about changing our perception of what is fleeting and impossible, into understanding the possibility we have been seeding is actually taking form. And we are the shepherds of the new structure that we have to dream into existence. It will take all of us to do that.

So what does that really mean? The next 6 weeks we will experience 3 eclipses in a row, Neptune going retrograde on the 3rd, and Saturn turning direct just before the Full Moon on the 13th. Because it begins with a Scorpio/8th house heavy Eclipse, this catapults into time of transition. Solar eclipses are about new beginnings, and upheaval. This one begins an 8-week cycle of change that is going to take shape communally and surprisingly effortlessly, if we can still our minds and let it work for us. This requires a large amount of trust, but we have come through so much in the past 2 years, so we are ready to engage in what really matters. And we will have Saturn in our court urging us on to move ahead with plans that we have kept under the radar during the past few months.

The partial solar eclipse for June 1 is visible in the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere, what we northerners like to call Santa Claus region! If you want to read what I have posted on eclipses, you can see it here on my website on the astrology page (click on astrology above).

The pre-eclipse energy started just after the last Full Moon on May 17th, and you might have been feeling it in your lives. I myself just experienced the pre-eclipse energy as my computer going wonky and the loss and resurrection of my internal hard drive. This has forced me to rethink how I deal with data, the internet, my writing, the programs I use, and how I store my work. I actually think it is going to kick me into a higher vibration, forcing the very structure of my business to grow and expand in order to handle more and more work. Let me tell you, I just wanted to crawl under a rock at first, but knowing how I have handled change over the past 2 years, I walked into this one gracefully and took it step by step and let it open me up to something greater. I mean what else can you do when faced with large-scale loss?

Opening the Door for Deep, Lasting Transformation.

Saturn again is the big actor, as this planet has been helping us get things in order for a good while now. Some of us do not take to this energy to easily, it feels restrictive and almost punitive. But it is a good teacher of how things work in the world, and with so much changing, especially information wise, we are in the middle of a shift of how things work and how humans can relate to a highly technical world. We can be more powerful with technology, and we can also feel powerless and overwhelmed by it. This tenuous relationship will dominate our mindset for the next 10 years or more. We will take great leaps and we will have to reassess how technology can be harnessed for a more communal and humanitarian existence. Great healing is really possible, if we let ourselves wake up to the lies we have been fed about what human are capable of when we use the entire brain. The combination of transcendent states and information exchange is changing our DNA. And, instead of racing to catch up, we just need to stand still and experience it. The power is in this moment, no other.

Current world-wide structures and systems, including infastructure, are not geared for women. This is reflected through the military, corporal system, corporate system and banking systems. You name it. It is insidious and hidden and full of loathing. This is all being exposed in some interesting ways. For example in New York City, the mayor threatens to cut 5000 teachers in a city whose education system is bursting at the seams with kids not getting what they need. These are mainly women’s jobs. If they threatened to cut 5000 banking jobs, well we heard that out cry and the government ponyed up millions for that. A maid at a hotel exposes a high finance minister’s sexual misconduct. At least that was taken seriously. Rape is unleashed in Libya and other countries to control the population. The backlash for these female destroying ways of operating is going to be a loud howl that just gets going in the next few weeks. It can take down a country, and we might just see that happen. Some very unpredictable things are going to open up.

Peace is a greater possibility now more that ever. Powerful advocates for peace are finding a voice and common ground. One on one talks ground and clarify issues. We will see more of that, along with person interactions to the same effect.

Humanitarian aid for people without homes comes to the forefront of the media…there is a revolution of thought about housing and how that needs to work in this country and abroad. There might be some new government programs in the housing sector, transforming a slagging construction industry. People are also more focused on their homes this summer, making them more efficient, streamlined, and functional.

In general, people are committing to more humanitarian work. This is going to be a huge surge, as people begin to see that direct aide is a very powerful force. Seeing how money can go farther in underdeveloped countries and how easy it is to foster change there, will have an effect on how we view the structures that prevent such change here. It is easier to see that change is mostly prevented by the top – the politicians, bureaucracies and their systems, in the underdeveloped world. Harder to really see that in our more developed nations, as it is just to big to pinpoint.

The hidden workforce is emerging to be dealt with – illegal immigrants, the unemployed and lower wage earners, and those on social services. Unemployment benefits are going to run out for people in the near future, and then the country will be faced with handling the health and well-being of it’s people. This will push the heath care issue in the US and other issues like this abroad.

Creativity, beauty, and inspiration are abundant, so things like art, design and film take a surge right now. People have had enough of being held back from higher inspiration. Artists need to stand up lead the way by getting serious about their businesses. It is possible to make money! And the rest of us need to get out there and put our creative juices to work, as chaotic times are filled with possibility and collaboration.

And again, as usual, I urge people to use spiritual technologies like meditation, sound, visualization, positive mindset, prayer, and movement to ground and keep things together. A spiritual mindset will be a great support! And get out there in Nature…heading into Summer in the North and Winter in the South Hemispheres, the change of seasons has a lot of mystery and magic to be harnessed. Look out for the Solstice Reading heading your way June 20th.

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  1. June 2, 2011 3:23 am

    Very inspired read! Thanks. Really incitefull and written in a way that is compelling, smart, and informed, without being the least bit presumptious. Put me on your elist.


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