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Letting it Be, Cultivating a Sense of Calm

June 15, 2011

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 15, 2011, 4:14 pm EDT, 6:14 Australian ST

Culmination of Learning, Grounded Intuitive Insight, Right Sized Thinking, Tapping into Reservoirs of Knowledge, Having Fun Without Getting Carried Away, Tapping Into the High Priestess

Last lunation, we talked about Magic, the creative potential that emerges through intent, harmony with the natural world, and surrendered action. What did you initiate? What inner desires were brought to the table? These things hanging in the air are now ready to be tried in the world around you. I think the key here is, in the words of the Beatles, “Let it be…There will be an answer, let it be.” This is the hardest part of creation, letting go of what we create so that it can come back to us in the way it will be accepted in the world. Without controlling it. In another time, this might have been easier, when it felt that more of life was controllable, but now that we see through that illusion, it might be easier to just release our creations out into the world. All we can do is surrender to that right now; we probably have tried everything else. It might come back better than expected.

This tense Full Moon comes after Neptune went retrograde and Saturn went direct a couple of days ago. More lies and deceit have been exposed politically, and we have lived through more upheaval in our personal lives, so we are getting better at navigating change. We might not like it, but we are adapting and learning how to shed some fear around all of this uneasiness. This is a great fertile learning ground for the bigger shifts we need to make globally to accommodate a changing climate, economy and inner landscape. Our connection to expanded consciousness, the afterlife, inner guidance, and our own creativity is allowing us to cut through the thick veneer of glop that surrounds our brains and we are thinking more and more clearly. We are separating thinking from emotion and learning how to operate from both places, on a more even keel. This is good news.

The focus on individual rights, freedom and democracy that has been stirring in the Middle East and Africa, is showing up everywhere else politically, but has deeper roots. It has a more spiritual basis. Each one of us experiences our inner world differently. And as we meditate, we are becoming more comfortable there. Why wouldn’t the inner freedom we dwell in be reflected outward? As more and more of us hold this truth, the collective story is breaking up and we see how much of the illusion we are plugged into. And we have the creativity to change the story, if we dare. This can render those who seek control a bit helpless, but their attempt to control will be more easily seen than before. The challenge is to care enough to really think about the implications and take action.

Another expression of this idea is played out in the arena of male and female power, based in women being able to express themselves as sexual beings with out being punished or repressed. Women have a right to their own sexual power, and it is going to be interesting watching how this plays out. Definitely more men are being exposed by women for sexual misdeeds, and the focus has been on them, not so much their paramours. Which means they are to blame for their own bad behavior, not the woman who “led” them down the path…the old story.  This will have ramifications in places where rape and absolute power over women is still being practiced.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we experience more water related anomalies in the coming weeks, as well as unexplainable phenomena. Flooding, underground activity and maybe even sink holes. People are really being challenged to let go of fear of the unknown and the paranormal, and encouraged to contemplate the idea that beings other than ourselves might populate the cosmos. We will be aware that we are not alone. This is to be comforting, not terrifying. Through connection with loved ones who have departed, sensing other beings in other dimensions we will find a sense of peace and that all is well in our worlds. Our kids are going to be super aware of this, so be prepared for questions and a lot of imagination.

Speaking of imagination, because people have been stirred up and had to tolerate a lot of things for a very long time, we need to seek creative ways of dealing with this or else it will come out in some damaging ways. It’s a good idea to MAKE the time to express what is going on in writing, art, and music. There is plenty of inspiration and motivation to create, so I recommend getting out and seeing art, movies and allowing yourself this treat. The muse wants out, so let her show the way.

Remember, we are in the middle of three very powerful eclipses (June 1, June 15 and July 1), so go back a re-read my article on eclipses on my website under Astrology Articles. Remember to take it easy, more will be revealed and trust your intentions. Things will end or commence suddenly; emotions are on high, so be prepared for that. Best to just keep your feelings to yourself, write it all down and act in a few days when the dust has settled a little bit. Remember, this highly tense time is good for just letting go and going with it. You will be taken care of!

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