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When All Else Fails, Lead from the Heart

June 22, 2011

Sonographs made over the year by the Phillipus Lansbergen Observatiry in the Netherlands. Make your own sonograph -

Summer Solstice 2011, June 21, 1:20 pm EDT;
3:20 am June 22, Australian EST

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Summer solstice, time to relax, let the sun warm your skin, and become grounded and stable in ourselves. While in the South, it is the Midwinter, which is time to reflect deeply about what you have created since the spring seeds were sown. As those in the North are venturing outwards, playing with their creations, those in the South are going inward and playing with the inner territories. The rest of this report is written for the North, so adjust what is written according to your hemisphere.

There is a lot of talk about this Solstice chart among the spiritually minded and I can see why…it’s pretty loaded. If you remember last year when we started this journey together, the Cardinal Grand Square really kicked off this mode of rapid change. Well, here we have a Solstice Grand Square that echo’s that event…only this time we have already started on this path of change, so we are acquainted with it’s workings a bit. It has been a lot for people to handle, and many wish it would go back to the way it was. This configuration says, no, we cannot go back. Change has us in its grip. But it does tell us that the way before us is not as steep a climb as we might think.

This Grand Square involves only 5 planets (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Sun and Mercury), but the rest of the gang is close by, lending their hand to the mix and easing the tension. Every planet, besides Venus is between 0 and 10 degrees, so they all make elegant aspects to each other. The little story lines being created, reinforce a bigger picture…change is here, it is happening as you read this, we cannot escape it, enjoy the ride.

Interestingly, the north node, our true calling and higher nature is within 1 degree of the Galactic Center, which is where the 2012 Winter Solstice will be. (Since I follow a different line of thought about the end of the Mayan calendar, I hold that event to be this year on November 28th. See for more info on this). This longing in our hearts and the healing we are calling to us is a hint of what is to come. It is a suggestion of what energy is being laid out before us to use as we engage as warriors for change, much like the patriots of this country fought for freedom from the British, or any other struggling people…we are struggling to drop some larger chains of collective baggage that we have been dragging around for millennia. And the more we work at it, the more we reap the benefits of our work. So, do not give up on all the seeds you have sown.

Saturn is the focus of this grand square, in the first house, so a lot of us feel the need to restructure our lives and the way we engage with the world.  We are longing to bring fairness back into the picture, especially financially. There is camaraderie here, like the 3 musketeers, one for all and all for one. We will be drawn to work together to achieve goals that benefit everyone. This starts in our relationships. Many of us are feeling the tension. The status quo does not work anymore in our close relationships and partnerships/marriages. Things that we were unwilling to look at before are glaring in our faces. The tendency is to run, or push it away (or them). Here the gem is in standing still, taking a deep breath, and looking to our own shadow sides. If we haven’t been reconciling with the shadow we have married, which is a dark part of ourselves that we find hard to own, we are being called to the table. As angry as we may be with the other, or ourselves, we have to put that aside and use the hidden power of that anger to move us into self-inquiry. What do WE need to be taking care of? Where are WE hiding our light? How are WE using the entanglement with the other to sideline us from the real target…our own largess? If we want work, speak up, if we want a raise, ask for it. Step out of the messiness and just let if fall beside you. Focus on how you can help yourself and the larger answers, like about how to solve the world’s problems will start to flow.

As we move into new vibrations, we are beginning to see that notions of “home” are changing. Our homes are inside of us; we bring them with us where ever we go. This is especially important for the thousands of displaced people adrift in the world, which are growing in numbers. Even if temporarily, this uprooting energy is leading us to contemplate community living from an entirely different viewpoint. New things can and will emerge from that, so take heart. We need to become more flexible as a culture, to cope with the fast change that is around every corner. Becoming less dependant on the idea of “home” will help us be more independent and creative in coming times

The other thing I want to stress is the possibility of recovery, if things are taken from a spiritual perspective. The key is to integrate all you have gone through to develop a spiritual philosophy, outside of religious belief. So putting for example Catholicism aside, stepping out of the box, what do you think God/Nature/Spirit really IS? Your job description of the Source? How do you relate to that power? And, what have you learned about that power as you have gone through the difficulty you thought you would be protected from by your religious belief? As we are seeing, bad and uncomfortable things happen to us, and we have no control over these things, no matter what we believe. This can lead to anger at that Source and leave you cut off and out of the flow. The thing is, get angry…at God/Nature/Spirit. Really let it out…rant on. Write hate mail. Let ‘em have it! And then, see what changes. Work with what you have left, after the anger is expressed, which is your part in things. There are things you can do, things you don’t really want to do, things that move you way out of your comfort zone, but just take a risk. This is what this time is about. Ripping away all we hold comfortable so that we can step out there and shift from miserable status quo into vibrant living. No matter where and what you might be doing. This is the new era, where you must move into bold action.

There is a lot of beauty in ourselves, and a lot of love that we have yet to express. Putting love into our hard work, real nourishing love, will make all of the difficulties ease. Love, especially unconditional love, has a lot of power. Loving right where we are, in this moment, is the place to start. We might lose everything, but in that loss, true love for ourselves is waiting for us to find it.

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