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The Inner Gardener, Tilling the Soul

June 29, 2011

July 1, 2011 New Moon in Cancer 4:54 am EDT, 6:54 pm Australian EST, Solar eclipse 4:39 am EDT and 6:39 Aussie EST

Family time, entertaining, community bonds, going with your gut, letting go of insecurity, trust in the Universe and your own inspiration, the beginning of a new chapter.

The New Moon in Cancer has arrived! Just after the Summer Solstice, on the heels of two eclipses and conjoined with a whopping 3rd eclipse 5 minutes before the New Moon. This is one powerful day! It’s also an eclipse that no on e inthe world will actually “see” as it is happening in a very remote location in the Antarctic, so it is an interior time for all of us. It’s a good time to look at all the things that you want to nourish from your Spring Equinox intentions (if you haven’t set them do it now, pick 3 things you want to create this year from spring to spring and write them down – think back to March and remember what you might have started) and get out the watering can. There will be a few weeds that need whacking, so go ahead and cull from those intentions the gem that you are working from. There is a lot of power in this time to vibrate our intentions into reality. Remember to start from a place of gratitude.

One thing I am grateful for at this time of year is my connection to my Grandmother who was born on the 4th of July at the turn of the century…the last century! She would have been 111 this year! Crazy huh? I feel her spark at this time of year, her love of the mystical and deep reverence for an inner journey. Not to mention the family celebration that we would have every year in Nebraska; including her famous potato salad. So if you have the urge, join me thinking of her, or think of your own ancestors, as you light your sparklers. Show some light on the darkness as we play with light and have fun. That’s all that is allowed here in Brooklyn, NY anyway!!

The intensity that we have been feeling due to the eclipses is almost over…by the 14th it will start to settle down and get back to a new normal. In the intensity, while we weren’t looking, a lot changed inside us. It will be a pleasant surprise to see that as we go about our business. Especially as Uranus goes retrograde and squares Venus just as we are easing out of the eclipse juggernaut. Just for a little kick to push us further into the love. So embrace the beauty of your soul, as it is visible and wondrous, and has a mind of it’s own, almost like a self-cleaning oven!

With Pluto just opposite the New Moon, the shadow wants center stage, so use your wily powers to pull out your brightness to stand next to the dark princess/prince. It will want to surface in relationships, where the mirror will be strongest, so relax when your honey makes an unflattering crack or reveals some secret hovering in their mind…take the 3 day rule and put it aside, even if it stings a bit. Just don’t get derailed from your nurturing spirit. Pay attention to your own garden and fertilize, fertilize, fertilize!

This is again one of those mega active charts, where every planet is in play and the chatter is intense. At the center is all of this is the grand Square of New Moon/Sun/Venus – Saturn – Pluto – Uranus/Ceres/Lilith, in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th respectively. Work/life balance is a huge theme, new ways of working, creating, family balancing, and very co-operative arrangements between parents as we strive for balance, career gain and solid family/relationship time. Also see that many families are actively getting involved in righting the wrongs government has done to parenting over the past decade or more. This interest will fuel many revolts/change movements that will upset political process. Unhinge it, because it is a cross party issue. As more and more liberals/critical thinkers get involved, it will take the balance from the right and spread it into a powerful multi viewpoint stance that has a lot of potential. Women especially will move this forward.

What has been missing for most of us is a rallying point with which to center our change around, as a group. We have all been making incremental and sometimes large changes, but collectively, our purpose for transformative change is beginning to dovetail with the personal changes we have navigated. Very large groups are emerging and forming, it is catching something inside us, inspiring people to really get involved. This is the seed of a flowering that will unfold over the next 3 to 5 years. We will only take as much as we can take before we say no, as the fog of distractions starts to lift, so do our hearts. We want to make something better. So we get involved.

What is your hidden motivation? What deeply stirs your heart? What cuts through complacency? These questions will not be so hard to answer in the coming months. The fear that has kept us from embracing these desires and the deprivations that say “not now”, are losing their hold. Bold steps are ready to be taken. Even if small, they are going to be bold, so step out there sisters and brothers! You will know exactly what to do to put it out there.

People are longing to put the experiences they have gone through into context for themselves. They are ready to frame things in a healing belief system that replaces the fear and expectations that are out of line with the world as it really is. So we need our spiritual teachers, mentors, coaches and guides to really be honest with us, about who they are and what they have to give us. We really need their help, but to cut through the mistrust, they have to come clean and speak from an honest place of real love. Not keep our fantasies in place. We are finally getting tired of magical thinking and may be able to let it go. At least for a bit!

Finding beauty in our work, in service, in our healing, and in the mystical is a good meditation for us for the next two weeks while we navigate the last eclipse. Our true calling is found in the little things, in the practical, and in embracing fun in our hearts while doing those things. So when you balance your checkbook and spreadsheets, have a smile on your face that you are taking care of business! It is in that routine of being conscious of your spending, and how much debt you are carrying and just writing it down, keeping track, that you will find freedom and inspiration. Handling our work and mundane tasks is a joy when you know it nurtures your family. It also nurtures our hearts.

It’s also a great time to look for work and find new things that you might not have thought of to earn money and express yourself work wise. Get out there and find the beauty of being a worker among workers. Knowing it all contributes to the higher good, because every move we make takes us closer to our purpose – not grasping for success, but letting success take root in us and blossom for harvest as when summer progresses. Try that in visualization…imagine your true work being planted in your soul by the work you are doing right now. See yourself watering that, fertilizing it. See the sprouts emerge from the soil. See them stretch towards the sun. See them grow into healthy strong plants that are harvested and ready.

Enjoy the growing and stretching you are ready for. It will fill your heart with joy to get started.

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