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Climbing Out Together, The New Normal

July 14, 2011

Capricorn Full Moon, July 15, 2011, 2:40 am EDT, 4:40 pm Australian EST

The Native Americans called this Full Moon the Thunder Moon, or the Buck Moon, I guess here in Brooklyn we will see neither as it will be a beautiful night tonight, and no bucks to be seen in the city! This will be a very grounded and productive Full Moon, and we need that after the grueling triple eclipse cycle we just completed. Wrung dry of distraction, because what doesn’t mater has been pulled away, we are even closer to fulfilling the call from our essence. It is a good time to sit still, breathe and take stock of all we have learned in the past 8 weeks

The feelings present this evening are very uncomfortable for most of us. Although we want to go out there and engage in radical change, we still have some deep inner things to work out. It is a good time to get to the root of why we repeat patterns, and how we can let go and trust that a new way of operating is right there for us to follow. A lot of us don’t realize how compelled we are to repeat behaviors that isolate us and keep us in fear. And keep us away from love. Love is really what grounds us in this lunation, love for family, for our homes, for that which nurtures us. And, a love for humanity that keeps implanting the idea, what we do has an effect on the rest of the world. It’s simple and very true…we have the opportunity to see that we are deeply connected. So sitting still, meditating and connecting with all of humanity this evening would be a wonderful energy to manifest. And a thought to keep in our heads, “what I do matters, as I am connected to all beings through love.”

There is a lot of grassroots organization going on right now, social movements around food, spirituality, the paranormal, urban farming, new politics, permaculture, and ecoliving. This is an interesting antidote to counter the isolation we feel brought on by advanced technical capability. A record number of people, unemployed, are striving to be visible from home. People are trying to create virtual work, remote offices, doing work from where ever they are. This surge of creativity, and lack of money, encourages people to begin experimenting with new ideas, creatively taking their ideas to other people to co-create very interesting things. This movement will gain momentum, and it will transform urban landscapes in interesting ways. I am loving this aspect of the planets influence, as I see real potential in it. We need new ways of communicating ideas and trying them out. As groups of like-minded people come together, mini think tanks and creative commerce will form to fuel new thought about world and local issues.

This is a time when genuine spirituality wants to emerge and it will present itself in our careers, in the way we are out there, and in the way we want to succeed. This is going to be interesting, because many of us have been hoping for this. How do we put all of that meditation practice to use? So many people are suffering, so much is changing; our collective views of success are changing also. Our eyes are slowly opening. As more and more local communities are connected to global issues, our jobs will start to reflect this tendency by being more connected as well. On the other hand, the tension we feel as larger corporations either continue to ignore responsibility to the environment and humans in the name of greed, or try to fake us out with flashy marketing mimicking concern, will tip us even further into different buying patterns. We might even stop buying some products. We have seen through our own downsizing that we don’t need as much as we thought we did, we want higher quality food, and health is very important in order to deal with the stress in our lives. As the asteroid Ceres (goddess of grain and abundance) enters Aries, we are looking at food and where it comes from and how it literally become who we are.

Another thing about Ceres in Aries is that many of us are figuring out how to have our own businesses, out of necessity. With that needs to come a new way for small businesses to flourish and new structures need to be created to support this. Hopefully, legislators will figure this out, but it is up to the small business people to make it an issue, in terms of tax codes, zoning, city and local codes, micro loaning and loan structuring so that smaller businesses have the capital to keep going. This is going to be a very big issue for the next few years. People want to make an honest living, but thing have gotten so far out of whack that it is really hard for these businesses to make gains so that they can succeed. You will see many new groups coming together to make this happen, including venture capitalists who see the new potential in the smaller tech companies (some of them very small operations) forging innovation on the bigger guys. There is a lot of room as the little and big guys play together, especially tech gadgets – ipad, kindle, etc.

This full moon is really pushing media companies to come clean about the way in which they manipulate us. The British tabloids are not the only ones with secrets that will be exposed. The outing of the powerful that have become far too complacent will continue as more investigations become public. Personally, what we want to look at is how do we feed that kind of need to know everything about celebrity? Why do we feel like we all want to be like the famous? Why don’t we see that our lives are just as fabulous? Somehow we have all fed this frenzy, and as long as we crave what we don’t have we will be focused on what makes us less than, instead of what makes us beautiful shining beings in our own right. We will never find that gem in someone else. As we know, it is only uncovered from within.

Enjoy the Full moon, and in the next day, tune into this energy and make a little of your own magic. Full moons are for looking at what you have been manifesting. So focus your intentions of creating something beneficial for yourself and your community. And know that when you focus your intentions, your hard work will come to something. We are all climbing out of the hole together, so grab a hand and pull yourself up!

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