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Serenity Amid Chaos

August 16, 2011

I am posting this in retrospect, as I have been on vacation and away from the computer for a few weeks. It’s interesting nonetheless. Enjoy!

July 30 New Moon in Leo at 2:40 pm EDT, 4:40 pm Australia EST

The second New moon this month, in Leo, helps us to focus on creativity, celebration, play and fun. As we set our intentions for the month, lets look at ways we need to fine tune romance, creative projects, empowering others, leadership, self confidence and how arrogance shows up in our lives. A few nice intentions are: I want to easily find myself enjoying being center stage in a happy, enjoyable way…I want to find myself adding to joy and laughter when I am with others…I want to be filled with creative new ideas.

This is an incredible New Moon folks, one that the history books will be writing about for years to come. It is another turning point, one in which a new direction of our country will be formed. We have been getting ready for this for quite awhile. Although the focus seems to be on money and debt, the larger issue is one of freedom and inner grit. Who are we becoming as a nation, and do we like that? What do we really want, what is our own true north and what are we going to dream into being? This is the big moment, when we all need to stop, go inside, and rewrite the story. We do have that power. And we need to stop giving it away to politicians that are using that power to manipulate and lie to us.

Let me explain a little. This is the second New Moon in the month of July, such a rarity that there is not really a recognized name for it, unlike the Blue Moon, the name for two full moons in a month. The best names are the Dark Moon, or Secret Moon and both seem to really apply to this one. In fact, so much of what is going on has to do with this country, and the rise of darkness, that my Southern hemisphere readers will have to pardon my exploration of this for the Northern folks. It’s just too important not to really look at it. But I think it will affect everyone if the US changes course anyway.

Sometimes when people sense darkness they are scared and want to run. But real darkness mirrors what is within that needs to be transformed and brought into balance, and is mostly hidden from view…for good reason. Most people cannot cope with darkness. We push it away and it lurks and eeks away at us for decades sometimes, until a moment when it leaks out all over the place and we have to deal with it. Collectively, as a people, the USA is being compelled to stand the darkness, feel it, tolerate it and face it. Personally, I am not liking it at all, but I am finding ways to just be present with it. This is not bad, rather an example to the world. Our leaders are freaking out right now. We can’t afford to do the same. We must find a way to anchor ourselves in our hearts, for the calm arises from that space and we must imbibe serenity amid chaos.

At the end of August we are going to see the end of a very arduous USA Saturn Return. This new moon is right on the USA North Node, where are we going? Secret destiny is being revealed to us, but we must find that on the inside, as a collective intelligence.

Well my first reaction after taking a look at this chart is – WOW. We are going through financial change in a big way. The New Moon forms a powerful yod, or finger of God that sits right on the USA north Node. With Pluto in the Second House putting so much pressure on the moon, and Chiron/Neptune doing the same from the 4ht house right on the IC, people are really fed up, pushed to the breaking point in some cases. It’s American families that are being broken apart, and this is the fiber of our society. It is affecting everyone.

I think this is because of who we started out to be as a country, a nation where everyone was free to practice to brand of spirituality one felt comfortable with. Now this has never been an easy thing here, and in a lot of respects we failed miserably at the notion, but it was the energy that this place was grounded in. It had driven a political process, and a notion of freedom that we have lost sight of. We are disconnected with the premise of spiritual freedom and that is where we will be given a course correction, in the form of financial restructuring. From the top down.

This means that what we think about all of this is forming a new philosophy of how we want to live. And what kind of values we want our leadership to have. The posturing and craziness is literally COSTING us. That’s right, we are going to be paying for allowing these kinds of shenanigans for many years to come.

The good news is, we are in the power, there is a beautiful earth trine with Mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter. By taking the time to ground, take possession of our lives and form guiding philosophies, from inside, we will know who we are and where we are going. Our minds are able to wake up, to question what is going on, and find new ways to relate. We were given everything we need to be in this time, in this moment, so lets go for it.

It is the stick to it attitude that will get through this. Small gains every day makes for very big change. Be patient as you watch it unfold. We are not going back to life as it was before, we are thrown together and we must use our creativity to reframe how we want to live.

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