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On The Psi Show tonight – with Dan Sturges and Larry Hewitt

November 21, 2011

Tonight I get to be a guest on the Psi Show! Just love these guys, they bring new meaning to ghost hunting! Dan is my cohort at Sturges Paranormal, which I have been joining on their investigations this year. Join us as we’ll be talking about Psychic Mediumship, how it works on an investigation, and some of the results of our work at the Merchant’s House Museum in NYC. We’ll also talk about the recent Afterlife conference I attended last weekend in Long Island put on by The Forever Family Foundation. They are a wonderful organization that supports research and legitimacy to the field of Mediumship and Evidential Readings/contact with disincarnate spirits. It’s on the internet – and I hope it will be available for download. I’ll post about that after. Remember – : )


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