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Love, Love, Love.

February 13, 2015


Love is an innate energy. It wells up inside us, we embody it. We give it to the people around us and the projects we create. But do we remember give it back to ourselves? And do we do the work we need to do to maintain the love inside us, so we can give to others? Here is an old fashioned love remedy that we all can do, to burn that energy inside us, and create an atmosphere of harmonious sweetness around us to attract love inside and out.

Love Maintenance Candle

Get yourself a white or preferably pink devotional candle (you know, the ones you buy at the grocery store in a glass jar). Burn the candle for a few minutes to loosen up some of the wax. Blow it out. Stir in a little bit of sugar or honey, a pinch of flower petals, and flower essential oils that you love: Ylang Ylang, Rose, Lavender, Bergamot or Geranium for example. Hold the candle and imagine all divine love flowing into it. Imagine the spirits of those flowers blessing the candle with their energies. Breathe those energies into yourself and then breathe them back into the candle. Imagine all that love radiating out into the room, the house, the world around you. See it touching lives, projects, your bank account, your loved ones. Now you have a love infused candle connected to you through your energy.

Light the candle to draw love to you, as well as to provide a sweet protected atmosphere in your home.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day folks, the day of sweet love, from the inside out.

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