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Becoming More Authentic…and a special offering.

August 27, 2015

IMG_0603Original meaning of the word Shaman –One who knows”
From the Language of The Tunguska people in Eastern Siberia

As I became more willing to call myself a Shaman, the response from those who knew me ranged from fear to respect. For me, it was the logical next step as a healer, medium and diviner (reader of tarot, astrology or other divinatory methods), to combine all 3 things and commune with the spirit world about healing others and the planet. Simple, direct, and comprehensive I felt. When people started to tell me their fears about this I realized that they were imagining something entirely different and, in a sense, projecting their own fears about awakening intuition and connection with other worldly beings onto my own experience.

Now this I can understand. As a teacher of intuition and healing, the fear factor is quite effective at keeping oneself from growing into, and accepting, the luminous, creative forces of alternate awareness. Hey, the mind can only grasp so much at a time. We are not used to letting go in this way. And yet the call remains and no matter how hard we try to rationalize it or push it away. The call sometimes gets louder and louder till it has our attention. And then something feels off and maybe we are sick or suffering in some way. Now what?

How do we answer the call when we are not familiar with the territory? Where is the map? First off, stand still. It might feel so yucky, but do it. Stand still. Breathe. And then reach out to someone who can help. Someone who knows the song of our soul. It is through the consistent work of journeying, remembering, and implementing our insights, that we engage in the call of our spiritual and healing path. Its song keeps us active and moving ahead in our lives. And wanting to write the next melody.

I am here to say, don’t be afraid. The other worlds are incredible. The fear is there to tell you that something is emerging, beckoning you. Things fall apart, we don’t know why, but it is a signal to look deeper. What are we pushing away? What might we be fracturing into soul parts that we will have to eventually integrate? What are we avoiding because we don’t want to face the pain? Or accept who we are at the core, which might not match others expectations of us?

Let me tell you a little story about myself that might resonate with you.

Intuitive and connected to spirit from my earliest memories as a child, I struggled to accept my gifts. There was no context for them in my Catholic family. With out support and full of fear, I kind of stashed them away. There was no place for them.

Fast forward. I was 19/20 years old. My life was at a turning point. I had a very bad first year at college. Something about that school was not right for me and since it was my parent’s alma mater, I couldn’t convince them to let me go anywhere else. So I flunked out. After a brief fling in CA, I moved back home and began to pick up the pieces by enrolling in college part time at a very good nearby school. My first classes were a psychology course on the Paranormal, and Art History. I felt immediately at home. I think my whole being was saying “Finally.” The Art History class connected me to the spirituality of visual expression and enhanced my connection to vision. I reveled in it. The parapsychology course was different. It awakened things long ago pushed away and forgotten. It brought me right back to my fears and the experiences I had as a child. Seeing this, the spirits rushed right in and wanted to play. Still afraid, I again pushed that part away and landed more in the divinatory part of my gift and went on to study Tarot, Astrology and Palm Reading. Knowing I was afraid, I also fled to spiritual sources to understand and feel safe about the spirit connection. But still not wanting to accept it yet.

Years later, even though I was working as a Medium, Intuition Teacher, and Shamanic Healer, I felt something was missing. At a stuck place in my career, and wanting to embrace myself authentically as a shaman, realized that I needed healing. Even healers need help! I consulted my own trusted healer, Christina Pratt. I told her of my stuck-ness, my feeling of being held back and that something was off. She suggested a spirit retrieval, and when she came back with a 20 year part of me that had been staying with a shaman in the other worlds, I was shocked and relieved. Not only did that part of me go off for safe keeping, it was being held by a Wise Woman who was sick and tired of tending for it! When was I going to get it? Duh! She was leery of coming back because I had thrown her away several times and she didn’t trust me. That makes sense. I wouldn’t trust me either having done that! I really had to work at convincing her that I wanted her back. I was equipped to take care of her, I would listen to her and I would learn from her. It was a welcome home that allowed me to be more of who I am without fear.

The practice of going into the other worlds to negotiate with the spirits on others behalf is an exquisite tool that is often overlooked. Most people don’t realize that we are relying on this quantum spirit world to handle our fears and wounded parts since we were born into this world. Not only that, but we react psychologically, emotionally and physically to forces set in motion, by us, our parents, and our ancestors…maybe even millennia ago. Forces set in the imaginal realms. Shamanic healing in it’s many forms, can stop family patterns, release habits, heal the body, create more abundance and ultimately free us from whatever is holding us back from expressing our sparkly, shiny selves.

If you want to experience the freedom of a shamanic healing session, book a session today! For the next 2 weeks, I will be offering my initial consult for $197, a 30% discount from $297. That’s a savings of $100! I am also offering a limited number of 3 session shamanic healing packages for $547, instead of $597…so you get to save another $50. Take advantage of these prices while they last. You don’t have to do the sessions now, but you do have to pay for them now to get the discount.

And as an added treat, I am also offering my Intuitive Tarot Consults at $180 instead of $250. And as an even more amazing idea…buy 5 sessions in advance for $747. Yes, that’s $150 per session…the best value I offer. For you people who like to talk with the spirits on a regular basis! Only 6 of these available. This will sell out fast. The next time I will be offering this again is most likely in June 2016.

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