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New Moon in Capricorn Jan 9, 2016

January 10, 2016

2016 planetarty wisdom smb

This is a preview of some of the nuggets contained in the Planetary Wisdom Course. Its an easy way to begin to re-enchant your world with the natural energies around you. And start a nature spirituality practice all your own.

January 2016

January is an interior month, full of surprises and opportunities. Because most of it is during a Mercury Retrograde (starting on the 6th), it is not time to initiate a lot of action in an outer way. Rather, use these influences to plan, rewrite and re-frame your goals. Great time for editing and going over work. Its also the start of Jupiter Retrograde on the 8th, where good luck and influences take an interior turn as well till May. You will find it best to expand your spiritual practice and meditation time for the next few months. Be in touch with the guru within. By the time the Full moon in Leo on the 23rd touches us with it’s love for others and superb leadership capacity, we will be bursting to try out our revelations when Mercury finally goes direct of the 26th. This month it’s all happening on the inside! But don’t fret if you do have to do things on the outside (contracts, purchases, etc.). It will be okay, just remember to have patience and know there might be a few glitches to weather. Or not. Whatever you do keep your chin up!

Astrological Happenings
These are the days and events to look out for this month.

 Day              Event                              Time           Degree & Sign
January 6     Mercury Retrograde                           1 Aquarius
January 8     Jupiter Retrograde                              23 Virgo
January 9     New Moon                        8:31 pm       19 Capricorn
January 23   Full Moon                         8:46 pm      3 Leo
January 26   Mercury Direct                                     14 Capricorn

Astrology of the New Moon
New Moon in Capricorn January 9th 2016 8:31 pm EDT
As most of you know, New Moons draw us inside to consider what we want to manifest. Luna’s energy is easy to work with, and more consciously felt by all of us. The natural progression from dark to light and light to dark brings our inner most selves out to engage the world, and then draws us back in to assess how it went. When we use this energy to create and manifest our desires, in harmony with the unique gifts each moon provides according to which sign it’s in and house, we align our goals with those energies for an extra boost. A turbo effect. This is a really great way to use planetary energy to infuse ritual, strategic goals, subtle activism and self care for ourselves and the planet.

a18Capricorn in the 5th house gives us the opportunity to gain traction on creative ideas and projects. With Mercury in retrograde starting January 6th, these are going to have to stay in the planning stage till The Winged One goes direct on the 26th. Retrogrades are prime time for internal processing, so let yourself explore your communication style, the way your mind works and how you move through your life. You might be surprised to find dynamic new insights flowing in with only a gentle nudging. And a plan for action emerging, which seems achievable. Perfect for considering 2016 and your strategic plans.

With this particular New Moon, your dreams, passions and untended creative urges are going to jump to the front with fierce determination. So plan to take time to let them spill out and get them down on paper. If you are writing, plan on setting up time every day to do so. This is an optimum time to establish schedules, routines and practices. Especially pertaining to strengthening the body. So all you magical folk, restart a yoga practice, daily walk/run or exercise routine. Your body is calling!

As Chiron is sextile this moon, healing relationships is another area of growth possible. Forgiveness and building bridges, if taken step by step will start things in motion. Little things count, like praying for difficult people in your life, and reaching out gently. You can reestablish trust during this time, but don’t rush in, as you might seem inconsiderate. Take the high ground and wish the best for the situation. Meditate on it and work your spirituality around these relationships and you will see change. Take time to listen to responses in a detached, information gathering way. Don’t be daunted. If you want to repair, nudge the relationship along, but make sure you make the adjustments necessary in yourself as well.

We are called deeply inside this month to develop our own unique spiritual path. Take what you love from the paths you have studied and make it your own. Create your own inner spiritual home. In Shamanic terms, what is your inner territory? Journey to that place of spiritual renewal inside of you. Also look at the parts of your spiritual journey or path that are difficult. Look at how you might breathe new life into that particular place. Personal example: I have arthritis in my big toe which has kept me from the joy of my Vinyassa practice. So my goal for the month: Inventing new ways around that darn toe, and loving it into a new way of doing yoga that doesn’t stress my toe, and allows the rest of me to get what it needs. What do you need to support for yourself?

With Jupiter and the north Node leading the pack this month, we are right up in our purpose and desires. We definitely need to delve into this part of ourselves. What is our passion, and how do we express it? What do we love and what lies by the wayside? Where are you going and how do we lead ourselves there?

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