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Blessings for a Leo Full Moon

January 24, 2016

More from my Planetary Wisdom Course:

If you need to add a little oomph to your life, especially  around abundance, then this is a great way to change your vibration. Spiritual herbal baths align our energies with plant energy. Plants have different specialties. Some are used for love, some for power, some for abundance. The essence and vibration of herbs enhance our ability to resonate with what we want more of, by changing our Aura to reflect that.  A teacher once told me, if you want to know pine trees, then wash yourself in pine needle water to absorb their essence and receive their teachings that way. This the same way.


Fresh basil, mint, calendula, and chamomile with essentials oils. Cramp bark in silver bowl.

Spiritual Bath for Success

Calendula Flowers
Loose Tea Bag
Essential oils of all of the above
Optional: Cramp Bark, or Devil’s Shoestring

Use at least 3 of the herbs, plus Cramp Bark for protection if you can get it. You can use the dried herbs and/or add 3 drops each of the essential oils as well. You will do this ritual 3 days in a row in the  morning is best, but it can be any time of day. Doing it 3 days in a row will bring these herbs energies into your aura. So we will be creating 3 of these tea bags if you are doing it that way.

IMG_4791Combine the herbs in a tea bag or tea strainer. Brew it in a cup. Let cool. Hold the cup and pray:

May my ancestors and my helping spirits bless these herbs. Calendula, may your fierce sunny power infuse my plans and fill them with successful light. Chamomile, may your gentle spirit make my plans flow with ease and power. Basil, may you bring good luck and abundance to all I create. Mint, may your essence spread and multiply my efforts to spread my work to the 4 corners of the earth. I see myself embracing my plans and the success they bring. I see my life adjusting and welcoming new ways to flourish. I see my step by step efforts bring good direction and spiritual blessings on my purpose. I see myself align with spirit and revel in the joy of releasing my creations into the larger world.

After you have finished praying, pour into a larger container with warm water. You can now either pour it into a bath for yourself or, after you finish showering, let the herbs be a final rinse before you step out of the shower.

Know you are blessed.


To order hard to find herbs, try:

Lucky Mojo Curio Company –

Local Resources in NYC:
The Herbe Shoppe –
394 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Remedies Herb Shop –
453 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Flower Power –
406 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

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