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Soothe the Inner Beast – Meditation

January 25, 2016

Here is a meditation I wanted to share from my January Planetary Wisdom Course. This is a great meditation to integrate for the next 2 weeks, during the waning moon till the next lunation, the New Moon on February 8th in Aquarius. Especially helpful when we might be feeling held back by the wiles of Mercury retrograde (which is ending tomorrow Jan. 26th). We are on a vibration of opposites here as we take in the wisdom of Leo with the waning moon, to clear the way for creating a plan of action when the Aquarius New Moon arrives, when we can ride on the waxing or building energies. We will be meditating on calm Earth energy and visualizing breaking through anything that holds us back.

Daily Leo/Aquarius Meditation

sunflowerengravingeditedSit straight with your hands on your knees face down. We are going to circulate energy inside of us. Close your eyes and relax. Let go of any troubles or stress from the day. Breathe it out. Breathe in the freshness of earth energy. Allow any aches and pains to drain out, or if they persist, send them love and healing energy. Feel yourself whole and renewed.

As you breathe, draw in energy from the top of your head, from the cosmos. Feel the lightness and beautiful white light filter down into your spine and light up your body. Hold it and feel it circulate. Feel it’s quality of lightness. Now breathe red earth energy up from your 1st Chakra, the perineum, on the pelvic floor just before the anus. Allow this red earth energy to come up your spine, wrapping around the white light like a spiral, then spreading out into your body adding a reddish glow. Feel it direct you to a calm and centered feeling. Feel yourself solidly on the earth, stable and strong.

As you enter this place, balanced between solid earth energy and the light of the cosmos, imagine something that is holding you back. It might be fear. Imagine white light illuminate this fear. Then imagine red energy wrapping around the fear and drawing it into the earth, dissolving it and rendering it neutral. Now see a new emotion rise up from the earth like a small plant sprouting up. See this new emotion of competence, determination and steadiness of action rise up and flow into you, circulating and settling into your energy field. See it being held by the white and red glow. Know that each time you meditate this will grow stronger. You will know when it is time to move onto the next obstacle in the next meditation. Repeat this, identifying an obstacle and letting the earth energies suggest a supportive and loving counter measure to replace the obstacle.

This is a powerful, yet subtle way of re-imagining yourself. And letting the energies of the earth and the cosmos reshape you.


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