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New Moon in Aquarius Feb. 8, 2016

February 8, 2016


February is a month of letting your inner drive ignite around how you can be a part of the larger picture. What gifts are you going to contribute to your community and those you want to influence? Although Mercury is moving ahead, beware that it is still somewhat sluggish till the 13th.  Creating a greater strategy in light of the goals that you might have discovered during Mercury’s Rx would be a good use of this time. The New Moon is a bit intense in regard to bringing up stuff that would rather remain hidden. Working with what you want to excise from your life and that which you want to replace it with, is helpful to be conscious of and work on. The rest of the month is about building up a resilience around change that will ground you for the year to come. And cultivating more love in your life. More on that below!

Astrological Happenings
These are the days and events to look out for this month.

    Day                      Event                 Time            Degree & Sign
    February 8     New Moon    9:40 am    19 Aquarius
    February 22   Full Moon     8:46 pm    3   Virgo

Astrology of the New Moon
New Moon in Aquarius February 8th 2016 9:40 am EDT

As most of you know, New Moons draw us inside to consider what we want to manifest. Luna’s energy is easy to work with, and more consciously felt by all of us. The natural progression from dark to light and light to dark brings our inner most selves out to engage the world and then back in to assess how it went. When we use this energy to create and manifest our desires, in harmony with the unique gifts each moon provides according to which sign it’s in and house, we align our goals with those energies for an extra boost. A turbo effect. This is a really great way to use planetary energy to infuse ritual, strategic goals, subtle activism and self care for ourselves and the planet.

Aquarius moon in the  in the 11th house gives us the opportunity to seek innovative solutions to our own problems and also the larger issues facing the world. We are able to see our part in the larger picture a little more clearly that we normally do. The push to innovate in a grounded and practical way is what helps us flourish. And we have the ability to commit on a much deeper level than ever before to ourselves and those we love.

“Anytime you try to be a loving person, you’re doing your part to save the world.”
– Marianne Williamson

With this particular New Moon, we have several great conditions available to help us reach outside ourselves and develop strategies for better living and understanding the mystical significance of our problems. So if we are struggling, consistent meditation practice will help us be calm enough to take risks, make step by step plans and help us expand realistically. Working with any kind of spiritual structure: 12 step work, positive thinking, ritual, yoga or simply a daily gratitude list, doing something consistently to further your goals will set the stage for the energies unleashed next month by the eclipse cycle we will enter for a good 6 weeks starting with the Full moon on February 22nd. And our heart will thank us for preparing us to open ourselves wider to love.

During this month we are still feeling the last cycle of the 7 Pluto Square Uranus exact squares that began with the Arab spring. The world has gone through a lot in that time. Wars, revolutions, repression, revelations, unexpected twists and turns, global warming incidents that we can’t turn away from. A lot of external change that was needed and with that final square on December 25th 2015, we are bringing it inside, internalizing it so that we too can take action. Integrating this final step is important, we need to collectively own change for it to really happen on the planet. As above so below, what is inner reflects outward. Change has changed us and now we are on to accepting a different world and shifting our own vibration to get real about it. I see us at a kind of pause, where the pendulum is still before swinging upward. Catching our breath into a new age of taking care of each other and our planet. With love.

Revolution has been very hard on us. Some of us are still holding on to the past.  It makes sense, it’s how we humans are. We like to KNOW. What we are learning is to be facile with change. To trust and let go. Deeply. To take off the cloak of shame and denial that prevents us from being happy. And to love ourselves as we struggle to find the new normal that fluidity holds for us. I highly recommend bringing our bodies along into this. Yoga, Qi Gong, running, rumba, whatever you can do to loosen up the body will loosen up the mind. A spiritual basis for strength within each of us is where the solid ground now lies. It’s the strength that will help us refashion our lives and re-enchant our earth bringing it into sacred harmony. We must learn to love change and embrace it. For through us change will happen. Each and every one of us is here for this purpose, to transform ourselves and vibrate change. That is what the long course of Pluto Square Uranus fractal cracks in the cosmic egg teaches us, as we revisit it with Mars squaring Pluto. More importantly, with Venus conjuncting Pluto, how to love ourselves as we travel downward into the muck to release that which we must, and beckon that which will nourish and inspire us to health.

In closing I want to stress that there is a lot of love energy available to transform our relationships. And, we are also confronted by any pain we might be feeling in areas that need to expand. Uranus softened by Vesta’s touch are pushing change in our home front and primary relationships. We need to be careful about how we react to the things that surface around our relationships, seemingly out of left field. Cultivating a capacity to hold and watch as change happens, will enrich any relationship you are in. Intimacy and commitment are pushing us to tolerate what we are having trouble with and invite in new solutions. Don’t be afraid to get help, therapy, coaching, whatever it takes to allow yourself to shift to hold more…it will be worth the soul searching you do. Pay attention to love in your life wherever it appears, increasing the flow of giving and receiving love. Leading with love. Feel it’s power wash over you, and use that to replace any negative fears about connection. Let love help you stop trying to control relationships and instead be grounded and observant of where you end and another begins.  Loving despite the uncomfortable feelings that come up. Re-pattern yourself one step at a time and see love grow. And yet, still be conscious of what you need and what you can’t tolerate in another person. You will be able to find new ways to express that and let the other person find their way with your requests. Give them a chance to adjust and then you will know what to do.

February’s New Moon report exerpt from Planetary Wisdom Course. ©Cathy Towle

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