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Water Love

February 19, 2016

I have been thinking a lot about water lately. The way I use it, the times I waste it, the way it soothes me when I am out of sorts, the luxury of soaking in it, the refreshing taste of it, how it cleans my world constantly. Water is life. It is a big part of who we are, literally. And how we function in the world. I feel that water is going to be the focus of the coming years, both due to the oceans rising and flooding, and the lack of it in other places. We need to take a look at water in our country and how we are part of that eco-system spiritually. Don’t we have a responsibility to support water and its spirit? Especially if it is this important to us?

Hudson River Love

Right now just north of NYC, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant is leaking radiation into the water. This has been going on for some time. But recently it has been on the news and facebook, and as Tinya Seeger from Clearwater told me in a meeting last week, when one leak is found and fixed, another can start up because the bedrock it is build on is porous and, well, it just leaks. This is troubling. That plant should be closed. Leaking is unacceptable. Fukushima was very troubling and felt so overwhelmingly huge, at least to me. But it is half a world away. This is right here. It’s the Hudson River for goodness sake. An incredible healing force.

I can’t help but listen to what the water is saying. You know, the mediumship thing! It’s been calling me, but I have been too busy to stop and connect. So today I took a moment to listen and connect with the water spirits. I made an offering to them and asked for their guidance. This is what they told me:

Remind people that we are often disconnected and that our involvement in setting things right is the way. It is the re-establishment of the indigenous ways, which our ancestors and the native people  have kept alive. We need to connect to this wisdom through subtle shamanic practices which are easy to learn. It is what will keep us alive, and heal our world. It is not to late. Do not get overwhelmed. Instead understand that it all starts in our hearts and radiates outwards and back in time to our ancestors who hold the knowledge. When we participate in this process, we re-awaken this knowledge in ourselves. There is a fabric to life, and we are part of that weaving of a new solution. There is beauty in our souls, as there is beauty in all of life. Our purpose as living beings that channel energy, is to do that. It is our purpose. It’s why we were built this way and why there are so many of us on this planet right now. It is going to take a lot of us to work this magic. It can be done. It is not living in the wilderness, it is living right where you are, in your jobs, in your families, in your communities where this can happen. Everyone is a bit of a shaman. We are all healers to one extent or another. We all know how to pray and imagine. We must do that now.

As a longtime meditator, and energy healer, I am used to both settling and running energies. I am aware that water allows the body part of me to do this. It contributes to the subtle energies guided by thought, energy centers and my state of consciousness. I am also aware that the water in me is related to the water out there. Same chemical composition, same resonance.

We all know the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who researched the effect of Gratitude and Love on water crystals affected by pollution and other conditions. It actually changed crystaline structure and cleared the water. Pretty cool in my book. It indicates that yes, we can do something. We can use our energy, pray, envision that water and send it love through intention.

It all comes down to love. That’s right, love. So lets try it. Take a moment…
Close your eyes. Breathe in love as reddish pink energy. Feel that love circulate through your body, reveling in the water that carries it throughout, into every cell. Love is permeable. It is a reddish pink light. Now imagine that you are connecting to the bodies of water around you. The rivers of love flow out of you into those waters. Hold that feeling for as long as you can. Imagine the waters receiving your love, changing their vibration, changing the crystaline structure. Eliminating the toxins. Lighting up with the same reddish pink hue. Feel appreciation for the water, all it does for us. Imagine it receiving our love and gratitude. When you are finished bless the waters, bless yourself and open your eyes.

Try this out and let me know on my facebook page what you experienced. Or comment below.  I’d love to hear your experience. And if you want more, enroll in my monthly Planetary Wisdom Course. Register HERE.



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