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Blessings of the Solstice

December 22, 2016


Here comes the darkness! And with it, an opportunity to start anew. Making friends with the darkness allows its power to infuse us with its grace. We are directed inside. Fear melts. Calm ensues. We rest, as the sun seems to sit still in the darkness. This is a sacred process, the spiritual death of merging with the soil of rebirth. We are blessed by its decay, its absorption of the skin we slough, the pain we leave behind. What’s left is the light of sacred prescience, a newer tougher skin, a revelation of inner power and joy that has been waiting to be noticed. It beckons us forward, into the coming warmth of the Sun.

As we are directed to the inner light to refresh and renew our souls, I want to take a moment of gratitude to you my sweet friends, clients and co-travelers on this journey. Thank you for making me and my work a part of your life. The spirits and ancestors thank you for your courage and strength. I am inspired by each, and every one of you.

As we head into 2017, a wild and unknown territory, I invite you to ready yourselves with a little self-care during this time. If you start to worry about the world, let the darkness take it and hold it in the earth. Turn to the things you love and put energy there. If you need to unplug from the latest tweet, then unplug. The world will be fine without you for a bit. You know, there are things quite bigger than us, than we can handle. This is well and good. We are not meant to take on some things. They are not to tackle alone. Those things are to be held by a movement that will rise up, and we will know when it swells to walk within it. That time is on its way.

What we are meant to do alone, on this eve of the light becoming stronger, is transform the energy of worry, anger and resentment into dreams, art, vision, passion, compassion and care of those who need us. We dearly need each other to accomplish what is before us. Attending to our spiritual foundation, which is the ground we will walk on, takes every day nurturance. Prayers of forgiveness and compassion for those that we fear is our armor. Bridges must be built; alliances are waiting to form. We will know when they beckon us.


If one considers translating these energies into the Tarot, I feel that we have just experienced the Tower card. Big time, right? Things have been shaken up, shocking and clearly disturbing in many ways. Revelations are swirling around us almost too much to take in. So much information and yet as it settles, we are being given the language to understand what is being revealed. It is not always easy to take in, yet it is becoming the story that moves us forward. A story that we all are writing together.


I feel at this time of darkness; we are presently in the Temperance card. The alchemy of change, healing ourselves by connecting to the earth in moments of rest and receptivity. Spending time with nature, meditating and receiving love is what we can do till the energies of the Sun renew the earth, pulling us into the next and more powerful card – Judgement. This is what lies before us. To rise up and to really see. Seeing what is good, what is painful, what needs to be voiced. We are creating the work that needs to be done. What we learned with the Tower card and integrated with the Temperance card is ready not to be called out of us in a new direction. What an amazing time to be alive! To be in touch with our power as alchemists.


So, this is my Solstice wish for all of us, as we step out of the Tower into the place of integration and wholeness, let us not skip this step. Let us all rest in the darkness and be renewed to be called into the next chapter. And may we stand together in united energies as the light shines upon us again, ready to face what is next.

Love and Abundance to you all!


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