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Spiritual Tools for Troubled Times

December 23, 2016

img_4531Four Ways to Help Yourself Stay Sane

In order to remain responsive to the change all around us, and to support our friends and families, here are a few suggestions to rally our strength for the coming months.

1. Get lots of sleep. So here’s the truth, our worry changes nothing. It only harms us. It might sound overly simple, but at this time we need to keep sharp and even tempered. Better done with good sleep.

2. Create an place where you can deposit your worry. Whether its a God Box, or a spot out in Nature, a tree or river, create a place to leave your worries daily. You do not have to go there every day. Just ask that spot if it will take your worries and help you be more relaxed during this time.

3. Meditation. There is nothing better for times of stress than meditation. Any form of brain time-out will do. Sitting down at the mat, or a run or walk outside, even an exercise routine will calm the body and mind. And I mean time with out stimulus, no radio, no internet, maybe some relaxing music and just you. The time off from thinking does us a lot of good. If you are sitting for meditation, start off slow, 5 minutes. Then increase to 10 after a few weeks. Once you get over the initial hump, you will find that you like it and it produces more evenness in your life. As I like to say, meditation is what happens when you sit in those 10 minutes. If you are thinking, or feeling, well that is your meditation. If you feel good, then that is your meditation. Whatever happens, just do it and don’t judge it and get discouraged. It’s time with your self and that is sacred, no matter what happens!

4. Practice detachment. You are a sovereign being. You get to decide what you take in and what you get drawn to. If you feel like you are getting triggered or pulled into negative energies, lovingly withdraw. Thanks, but no thanks. Be very careful of your energy and conserve it. We are not going to save anyone, or change minds. Instead we are trying to listen and heal our relationships by choosing how we want to be.
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