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4 Ways to Improve Inner Guidance

February 6, 2017


We were all born with intuitive gifts, but over the years, as our logical brains developed, most of us turned off this crucial “in the gut” connection. Our feeling, sensing selves sublimated to our more rational thinking, proof oriented nerd selves. Which isn’t bad, we need those skills to be in the world around us and succeed. But just as vital for business, relationships and decision making, is the gut feeling, the thoughtless knowing, that we feel in our bodies, or just know somehow. And that part of us is usually right.

Intuitives, psychics and creative people live in this realm and have learned to trust it’s wisdom. Far from woo-woo or wishful thinking, they have learned to integrate intuition at a level of processing that navigates the most crucial and important next steps to developing anything. They have gotten past the doubt, the indecision and double thinking by just trusting the first thing that comes to them to do and doing it. It’s about taking action, and seeing what happens. Embracing the adventure of letting that knowingness take hold. With each success, right brained people learn to traverse the bridge between rational thought and inner guidance, and follow it’s threads. Its deliciousness and wonder makes life feel better and more satisfying.


Intuitive readings with Tarot + Curio create a deep connection to your story.

When personal desire for an outcome, or too much thinking clouds your vision, then turning to professionals in this realm is what smart people do, to come back into trust with their gut. Intuitive readings should resonate with what you already know and direct you towards trusting yourself to take actions on your own behalf. Sometimes, a good intuitive might tell you something you might not want to hear, or something you have a hard time grasping because you expected a different answer. If you give your mind time to create another pathway, you see that the intuitive was opening a door for you to greater awareness. A lot of times we are stuck because we have shut down our feeling intuitive selves, and created a scenario that leaves no room for us to imagine a solution. Our desire for a certain outcome is too powerful. This messes with our ability to trust our intuitive selves. Because really, life is a crap shoot. Intuition increases the odds. That part of the brain is way ahead of the reasoning process.

Here are 4 ways to get into the flow. They help you increase awareness of things you might be taking for granted, and are a basic, but important part of this realm.

  1. Awareness. Start noticing your feelings about situations before you enter them. How do you feel about getting into that subway car? How do you feel about walking into that party? How do you feel about the meeting you are about to have? Take mental note of your feelings and then see what happens for real. Were you right? Did doing that open anything up for you?
  2. Meditate. Yes, simple meditation is key for allowing oneself to be in the flow. Meditation trains the mind to tolerate empty spaces, setting thought aside. It’s like creating a blank page. Your life is the painting. Tolerating that empty space invites flow into your life. Where there is a vaccum…the divine flows in.
  3. Allow. Stop trying to figure things out. That’s right, put that problem on the back burner. Instead play with imaginative writing. Ask a question and write down the first thing that comes into your mind. And then allow a second thing to come on in. And then you are writing and finding something emerging, bringing you closer to an answer.
  4. Heart. Emotions are powerful tools. Your heart is connected to intuition through empathy. It is a feeling state that carries much information. What are your emotions telling you about a situation? Why do you have that feeling when you hang out with a certain group of people? Or even before you begin to pick up the phone?

And… if none of these help you get clear, get yourself to an intuitive. It’s what we do best! You will be glad you opened up your story.


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