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Full Moon/Eclipse in Leo: The Return of the Feminine

February 9, 2017

The Full Snow Moon/Eclipse in Leo + Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
February 10, 2017 at 7:32 p.m. EDT


Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova

This is one of my favorite times of the year, the Snow moon, and with a fresh blanket of snow in my neck of the woods in Brooklyn. I think it’s the first real snow I have seen all winter here, and I really love the show mother earth put on today. We have an amazing portal to higher things opening on this Full Moon, and I am in awe of its generosity, opportunity and potential. Contradictions, upsets, openings, beginnings and the containment of opposites, so we can peel back the layer of mist that has caused so much confusion to us all. So many things going on. Let’s get to it!

Personally, Leo moon in the 12th house means it’s a time of finding out what makes you shine, what your values are, and the hidden gems that are lurking beneath the surface. Hidden motivations, what do you love about the things around you, creativity, enthusiasm, passion, generosity, kindness, leadership, benevolence, self-confidence, as well as setting right arrogance and self-centeredness, and hidden ego issues. Opposite the self-sacrificing Aquarius Sun in the 6th house of work, work, work. Gotta get things right.

First contradiction (global + personal): Warm gregarious, yet reluctant Leo Moon, melting the frozen cold emotions of the over worked Aquarius Sun casting a shadow over its hidden attributes. Let me take that one apart okay? A Snow moon is about being frozen, stopped in its tracks to be reflected upon, then released as a new beginning, typically as we warm up to spring. Ironically, its Leo’s natural warmth and playfulness that is stopped in action, along with its leadership capabilities. To boot, it is in the 12th house of hidden things, so it is even more restricted. The Sun on the other hand, is stuck in the overworked and over wrought tempest of perfection and selfless service to humanity, but lacks the emotion to carry it off, so it is a little sanctimonious. So how that plays out is that we are caught in confusion, not knowing how to manifest our own leadership capabilities, yet out there trying to get things moving, a little devoid of the intuitive capacities to know what to do next. The end result, is that we are caught trying to move ahead without complete guidance from the inside. Unless we slow down and sit with the feelings of frozenness, powerlessness and the fear that engenders, we will not be able to tap into the potential of the identification with all of humanity at this time. The split between nurturance and didactic strictness, is reflected in the polarities politically and personally. Unless we learn to bring nurturance to the didactic and discipline to the nurture, we will not find balance.

The good news is that the Sun/Moon opposition is held in two amazing configurations, a cardinal grand square, and a double trine that looks like the Star of David. It’s nature is tempered by Virgo rising, a relaxing of perfectionism and a call to something greater than ourselves, that we have to work for. The comet – Comet 45P (interesting name right?) runs right through both the Star of David configuration and it’s enclosed Grand Square, that seems like a portal. So, let me explain this all because it is really great!

I was surprised to find that this Full Moon is conjunct the U.S. presidents 12 house Mars and Leo Rising. So, where he is going and how he is presenting himself is pissing a lot of people off, and energizing others. And what some are doing is freezing him out and making him angry and acting from a hidden place of frustration. This polarity is what is being frozen in midair, so we can look at it, and the confusion that it causes can be peeled back for us to look at. If we can drop our anger for the opposite side, and reflect on what we need to know about each other, we will realize that our common ground lies somewhere in the middle. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules circulation, so a frozen heart cannot circulate among its people, like it is supposed to. It needs to relax its belief systems, allow nurturance in and let go of too much constriction. We are headed towards a way of talking about our differences. When we do, there will be unleashed a lot of creativity and innovation that can help us rise above this mess. We actually need each other to do so. It’s not us against them, it is all of us together.

The trines/Star of David configuration, involves the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Uranus, and the charts MC or zenith. When we stop and allow our hearts to thaw out so we can be in touch with our emotions, we see the expansive opportunities for grounded planning and the creation of opportunity, we examine the strict father energy that some are embracing and understand where it comes from, we then have more access to what are we willing to work for, what revolution are we ready for, and we are freed to move ahead into action. Whew! What a lot to hold to, and be in the middle of.

I look to the Cardinal grand square for the answer to this problem. Grand squares tear us apart in 4 directions. The only way to navigate them it to come to a neutral, holy space in the middle and ask the Universe for direction. Only in that way can we integrate these 4 powerful forces. So, the things that we are working with are:

  1. A lot of people want better financial ground to stand on. They need to look to ways to create and take advantage of opportunities for themselves so that fear can be alleviated. The belief that outsourcing, or blaming others for the problem is diametrically opposed to its opposite…
  2. Technology is here, and it has displaced a population that is more mechanically/hands on oriented. What I mean by this is that a lot of people are not tech savvy, nor are they inclined to be. There are a lot of people out there who are smart as a whip, but just not gonna be tech people. So, we need to create jobs for them that reflect a new economy. At the same time, breaking apart of larger interests (like corporations, large government structure, money held by just a few) results in the investment in smaller businesses that can accommodate these kinds of ideas, probably energy oriented and addressing our infrastructure.
  3. Release fear. Consolidating our power at home, instead being vulnerable to fear and isolation will ground our financial problems. There is a lot of reaction and fear of being perceived as weak, so instead we have to puff up and make ourselves look REALLY strong. If we understood what real power is, then we would not need to do this. We would create policies that belie our inner strength. But with people feeling insecure financially, and not sure of what the future will bring with technology, and not sure about our leadership or our own person al power, we are stuck undermining our own authority. The shadow pervades. We are out of touch with the welcoming, kind hearted policies that made our country champions in the world. The opposite of that is…
  4. Showing our nurturing, kind and openhearted values to the world, allows us to lead powerfully with a humanitarian view. Our home is everywhere. Human beings are human beings, no matter where they come from. We have a lot to repair in our world view, but knowing that the world is our home is the place to begin.

We are called to sit in the middle of these opposite views and see the common threads they carry and reflect in each other. This takes patience, removing judgement, finding commonality, yet keeping our ability to know what just isn’t right and rejecting that. So we all could do with some of this sitting still and cogitating in the middle. Turn on your feeling, sensing selves and let the middle ground come to you. the place where we can find love, compassion and forgiveness. One heart, One mind. There is an answer.

Now I will look to the Comet – Comet 45P/ Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova. I am giving this comet a strong feminine attribute, as it appears green, it is actually coming from the orbit of Venus, and I feel portends great feminine power rising. Because it’s last pass around the Sun was so close, it lost its tail, in a way emasculating it, and making it more like a star. Making it more feminine. It’s really frozen ice, which brings us back to our theme of Frozen Moon energy, the frozen feminine that shines from within its icy palace. This is what we follow through the portal, this is what we seek to unwind, this is what we need to find and thaw within each of us to master in this time. Our shining green hearts. In the very real sense… Mother Earth. Our real connection to resolving all our issues comes from her energies. As far as I can track it, 45P moves through this chart from Venus which is in the 7th house, down and out through the 3rd house in Scorpio. So I feel it is activating everything near its eclipse…Venus (femine power and the denial of it), Neptune (spiritual outlook and delusion), Sun (ego and power), Mercury (innovation and communication), Pluto (power issues), Saturn (structure to build and to tear down), and on its way out, it just cruises right by Lilith. Illuminating the darkness we want to push away about the feminine. Wow. Just wow.

The tricky part is, can we hold it? Do we want to play? Are we really ready to hold common humanity with all the people we have unfriended on Facebook? Detractors will comment, NO! RESIST! Well, I agree, I want to resist myself. But I also want to caution that we might be just falling into the same trap by only doing that. Our resistance needs to include openness to the people who are on the other side. Once we take the ice out of our own hearts and let Mother Earth hold the darkness we are a fearing, there might be room to figure this thing out. Our hearts might be kinder. It is going to be messy and people will get thrown down. Just remember to include humanity in the mix. Give them a hand up. Remember they are in pain. Just like we are. Revolution means tearing down the structures that are in the way of the good, but at the same time having love in our hearts for the people. That is the real way, the way of love. Onward!

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    Whoa Cathy! Fantastic way of explaining the situation and offering a solution!


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