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Spirituality vs. the Politics of Confusion

August 6, 2017

Page 1 of Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence

An Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse political, spiritual rant…sort of!

Last moth I participated in the HLPF (High Level Political Forum) at the UN. The HLPF is a way for civil society, us regular people in NGO’s, to get involved with contributing to policy that gets taken up formally by the international community at the UN. (An NGO, or Non-Governmental Organization, is a non-profit engaged with work that furthers the mission of the UN). The Forum contributes to shaping international law. DESA did a good job of managing the Forum, helping us non-governmental actors to demystify the process. The 2 Major Groups that I am a part of, the NGO Major Group, and the Women’s Major Group did a wonderful job of giving everyone there a chance to contribute. It went really well, until the following week when the Ministers arrived, and the creaky wheels of governmental message monopolization met the pavement of our ideals and enthusiasm. It showed us just how hard the process of rising above the noise of politics-as-usual can be. Frustrating, demoralizing and difficult. And it was like an astringent. Bracing, but good for you. It is, after all, reality.

Nonetheless, you can be sure that the massive and well organized representation of the peoples interests at the HLPF will not go unnoticed. The Secretariat of the UN has changed their position on a more inclusive process, the Governments are beginning to see that wisdom, and this is just the beginning. The wheels are creaking in another direction now. The Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved without it. Although it is going to take a lot of adjustment, governments are facing the fact that change is not going to come about unless they engage with us, and we work together. They just don’t have the resources to do otherwise.

Which brings me to my next thought…

A lot of us feel the weight of the world on us right now. As the world faces a presidency in the USA that has little bearing in the real world of solutions and is steeped in a litany of problems, it’s easy to lose faith. Our moral decency feels like it is being blown out of the water. The result of the constant onslaught of drama is that we feel ungrounded and overwhelmed. Which is just what we are being engineered to feel. Unless we have a very solid and strong spiritual practice to hold us, (and I do not mean new age mumbo jumbo here) we are going to feel like we are being punched in the face every time we digest and take in thing #1, thing #2 and thing #3. With each new gain in the outrageous, it just gets more out of control. If we can pull back and be in our spiritual selves for a time, we can gather the strength and the detachment from the drama to stay with our focus. Unhooking from drama does not excuse it, it allows us to move past outrage into calm decision making and discernment. Out of reaction into sensible and grounded solutions. Which is where we can connect to other POV to get things done.

There IS an intersection between politics, improving the world, and spirituality. Our job, as people of spirit, is to hold that meeting point. As the spiritual enters the political, it has its own way of opening things up. By bringing spirituality into things, they change of their own accord. Therefore, change is not overwhelming or forced. It flows like the wind on a beautiful day, as the leaves rustle, and we absorb it’s fullness. We don’t have to do much more than that, unless we want to bring it a step further. And then, as we find ways to insist on the spiritual, not by insisting that others be spiritual, but by insisting that the outcomes are aligned with ethical and moral ideas that are shaped by spirituality, then we see things change according to an evolution of human consciousness. No one owns that or even directs that. But we can board the ship, and stay the course.

This political time, which is so rife with tearing apart the ideals of democracy, needs push back. And a development of our own integrity. Democracy is an idea that is based in self governance. Which also applies to a self governance of our inner selves. If our emotional, psychological or spiritual parts are running riot, then we are not able to govern ourselves or elect trusted servants. We elect people who reflect the discordance. We must take that responsibility. Every one of us can participate in our democracy and must do this if it is to survive. The discordant elements have arisen to be addressed. This means  getting involved…out there, in person. Go to a town meeting, visit your representatives and talk to them. Start putting your energies into this face to face, before we lose it. Although protest is good and has it’s place, I don’t think its only about the oppositional. The key is to fight back by shaping policies. Anyone can propose a policy or join in it’s creation. Get creative. Sit down with others and identify a problem. Research. Figure out policy to address the problem. Bring it to your reps. And stand by it. One thing at a time.

The process is slow, but just like our continental congress labored to bring our country into existence, worth every bit of effort. That applies to ourselves and to the world. Loving and accepting things as they are is the first step to addressing anything. Let’s jump into the flowing river of change together. The Earth, the trees, the wind and the soil have our back. Let’s stop trying to know and just be a part of un-knowing together. That is how we enter he sacred numinous land of creative possibility. Once we touch that, no matter how much we get slapped down, that wondrous voice fills us and keeps us strong.

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  1. Marie Hughes Cooney permalink
    August 6, 2017 12:22 pm

    Spot on! Thank you for voicing so eloquently!


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