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Loving Ourselves in the Midst of Tremendous Change

November 6, 2017
IMG_9191Love. This is where I want to start. Just saying that word makes a shift. Love, love, love. It opens doors. It can move mountains. It can change our hearts.
I don’t know about you, but I have been heartbroken over the past year. Each new division, violent act, revelation, and disconnected directive from our government has felt like a hopeless shifting sand with no bottom in sight. I send a huge hug to every one of us holding this collective Tower Card. The emotions of seeing things come apart, and the unsettledness of not knowing how it will shake out is hard to take. This is a time when we are being called from our souls to have courage, pluck, and strength in every waking moment. And for many of us, in our dream states as well. The touching thing is, we are doing it. Yay for us!
The strength we need comes from the heart. It comes from the connection to our Ancestors and our loved ones in spirit. It comes from our creativity and intuition. The light of the Ancestors is shining down on us, lets absorb it to be renewed. Listen for it’s call to dig deep for the courage to follow it’s lead.
I have a lot of faith in this moment. Crazy right? Yet, I do have faith. Faith is a gift, a blessing. It is restored in me when I see people rising above, standing for what is right, finding their ground in ethics and being willing to create a new story. I have faith when I am given the right words to follow my own heart in this precious moment of becoming whole. Renewed in the risks I take to love others.
The change around us does not need to define us. I see clients allowing spiritual guidance to help them enrich and heal their lives. People are riding on the waves of change to rise to the challenge of healing wounds and the tender stuck places we all have been to. There is energy in this moment. Especially before Mercury goes retrograde on Dec. 3 and we can dive into deeper thought and insight until Dec 23rd. I have a few offerings on my calendar page for those of you who want to jump into increasing your intuitive or healing skills. To give you strength and increased light inside while the Sun takes a break on it’s way to Solstice. I hope you join us!
Blessings and love to you all.
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